"The most difficult thing in life is to know yourself." ~ Thales

Knowing yourself and understanding the options that you have to create happiness, success, fulfilment and growth within your world and on your own terms is at the heart of virtually all types of personal change. The focus of psychotherapy, counselling, coaching, hypnotherapy and art therapy centres around this principle. Through psychotherapy you will embark on a deeply personal and unique journey to a greater understanding. This journey will allow you to reach your maximum potential and find your own place of harmony and happiness.

This pathway or journey is not easy to traverse and navigate. Working with a professional that is trained in providing the support, education and insight to help you discover yourself is essential along your journey. Your own goals and desires for change will be instrumental in determining which support options from psychotherapy to coaching will best suit your unique, individual needs.

To help you along your journey of self-discovery finding the right professional is central to achieving your goals. Psychotherapy, counselling or coaching all require a strong relationship between the mental health professional and the client, a relationship that is truly personal, founded on trust, and one which the client is respected and valued as an individual.

With years of experience as a psychotherapist Philippe Jacquet is able to provide a personalised, confidential and highly effective treatment plans for all clients. With international experience in providing services including individual and group therapy, Mr. Jacquet has the ability to fully customise treatment and therapy programmes to meet the needs of each client. While many offices only offer traditional types of talk therapy, Philippe Jacquet & Associates is able to offer art therapy, hypnotherapy and a range of treatment options to best suit the needs of each individual client.

Mr. Jacquet uses best practice options in working with each client. This may include employing a range of different psychotherapy methods based on the individuals goals and desired outcomes for the sessions. Sessions will be client centred and focus in on creating positive change that will maximize the opportunities for personal growth and increased personal understanding. With years of experience in working with patients Mr. Jacquet is able to place the patient with the right therapists, coach or counsellor to make an excellent match.

Unlike some psychotherapists, Mr. Jacquet and the staff at his office are voluntarily accredited by several governing bodies. These include the BAAT (British Association of Art Therapists), HPC (Health Professionals Council) and the UKCP (United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy). With these accreditations Mr. Jacquet is committed to following best practices, staying abreast of current research and ensuring compliance with all professional ethical standards set forth by these internationally recognised organisations.

At Philippe Jacquet & Associates client confidentiality is paramount in everything that we do. We can provide services for adults, adolescents and children through a range of different issues and diagnoses. Our professional, experienced and established counsellors, therapists and coaches can help address issues with relationships, anger management, eating disorders, trauma, depression, anxiety, self-esteem, anxiety, addition and personal growth.