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Can Depression Counselling Really Provide Long Term Happiness In Life?

In the city and in the Bermondsey Office we often get clients that come to us for depression counselling. One of the complications or implications of having depression is that it is very difficult to see a life without looking through the lens of depression. Our clients often seem reluctant to start depression counselling, not because they don’t believe in counselling, but rather because they don’t believe in themselves.

This is not uncommon and our trained psychotherapists that provide depression counselling at the Bermondsey office understand this dynamic. Each of our professionals have years of experience, some in international settings, in working with people that are depressed.

By having the ability to see where the person is at in the moment, empathize with them, and move them to a different way of thinking, coping and acting, significant, positive and lasting changes can be made by each of our clients.

What Depression Counselling Focuses On

In our Bermondsey Office our depression counselling programs for patients in the City do not all look alike. In the first session your therapist will work with you to determine your goals for treatment. Since everyone’s personal goals are unique and individual, so are our treatment plans.

You will be an important part of the treatment plan and will be actively involved in charting your course forward through your sessions. We will select from a variety of different psychotherapeutic tools including but limited to interpersonal therapy, dialectic behavioural therapy, art therapy, cognitive behavioural therapy and mindfulness, but overall we use a holistic and integrated approach, which we find to be most beneficial to our clients.

Changes Can And Do Happen

As you come into your scheduled sessions at the Bermondsey Office you will find that your depression counselling becomes an important part of your routine. Through talking with your therapist and working thorough the exercises uniquely designed for your treatment plan you will begin to notice changes in your life.

These changes don’t happen all at once, just as you didn’t become depressed all at once. However, you will begin to see that you are looking at life through a different lens now, one that is much more positive, hopeful and satisfied.

Common changes that our clients report include:

  • An ability to cope with stress in a productive and proactive manner
  • Positive, healthy thoughts about others and the world around you
  • An ability to connect with others in a meaningful and mutually beneficial way
  • An ability to make lifestyle changes to limit stress, triggers and problematic issues
  • The ability to set goals and achieve them, celebrating success at each point on the journey
  • A healthier, more positive view of self, something that may not have existed for many years prior to counselling.
While depression counselling at our Bermondsey Office in the City is not a short term treatment, it is highly successful for the patients that make it a priority in their life. We are here to talk with you, to help you, and to work with you so that you can live the positive, happy and satisfied life you so richly desire and deserve.

Posted by : Philippe Jacquet