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Psychotherapy is not just one particular way of working with and treating clients. Instead, psychotherapy is an integrated, holistic way to approach the issues that have brought the client in to seek help and support.

Sometimes known as talk therapy, psychotherapy is instrumental in allowing the client and the therapist to build trust and communication to get to the deepest issues and thoughts that are driving the behaviours. Through this processes the psychotherapist acts as a guide to ask questions and create exercises and activities that promote the development of a greater and more comprehensive understanding of self by the client.

Deeply Personal Change

The psychotherapy approach used by Philippe Jacquet is one that is customised for each client. Truly creating bespoke program based on individual needs and goals this method can integrate therapeutic techniques from a range of different disciplines and treatment methods.

One of the goals of psychotherapy, which is instrumental in sustained change, is in getting a better understanding of how thoughts impact behaviours. Talking to a trained psychotherapist will create this understanding and assist a client in then determining what and how to make those changes.

Session Options

Psychotherapy can be conducted in person or it can also be conducted using today’s technology. Philippe Jacquet, as one of the cutting edge psychotherapists, is able to offer once a month in-person sessions for clients in Bruxelles and also provide weekly meetings using Skype sessions from his Harley Street Offices in London.

Research has shown that Skype psychotherapy sessions are as effective and, for some clients more effective, than traditional in-person sessions. This is particular true for busy professionals that have difficulty in scheduling time away from work or for people that travel or when being outside of their comfort environment may add to stress and anxiety.

What to Expect in Psychotherapy

Philippe Jacquet is able to quickly put his clients at ease and begin to develop a therapeutic relationship that will is very comfortable for clients. Often within the first session clients will feel that you are talking to a trusted friend and it will be easy to discuss even the most difficult or challenging issues that they may have experienced in their past.

The sessions will evolve based on the areas that the client wishes to explore and learn more about. Through questioning, exercises and activities in the sessions the client will uncover more about his or herself. This could include why they have specific doubts or fears, and how those thoughts can be changed to allow real progress on the road to emotional healing.

Psychotherapy is like a journey of personal discovery that allows the client, with the help of a highly trained professional, to truly discover who you are and get rid of the negatively and self-harming thoughts that have been a part of their psychological makeup for so many years. This change is not only positive, it is lifelong. Working as your guide Mr. Jacquet will help create the environment that you need to feel safe, empowered and able to make the adjustments to life a happy, positive life.