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The loss of something important and meaningful in life creates a change in a person's world, both physically and emotionally, on a deep and upsetting level.

It is important to realize that this loss does not just mean the death of a loved one or a friend; it can be any type of loss. This includes the loss of a pet, the loss of a job, the end of a relationship through divorce or separation, or even the loss of a future goal or guiding force in life. Often, people with a sudden, debilitating illness or traumatic injury face a period of mourning in the loss of things they wanted to do in life.

The period of mourning

It is very common after the loss of a loved one or a friend to experience a period of intense mourning. This can include a variety of stages often called the cycle or the period of mourning. Developed by Elisabeth Kübler-Ross, these stages include denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance.

Each person will have a different duration to cross these different stages, and it is common to move from one stage to another before finally reaching acceptance. The latter is not to be happy with the loss, but to accept that the individual is no longer physically present and to be able to put aside the past sadness of loss and appreciate life, although never will it be the same now.

There is no definite or common way to mourn. There is also no standard time for this. However, when people begin to get stuck in mourning without being able to move forward, to see hope in the future or to be happy in life because of their anger, sadness or depression, grief counseling is a very effective option.

It is important to seek help through grief counseling if the coping mechanisms used are unhealthy. These unhealthy responses may include alcohol or drug abuse, withdrawal or social isolation, concentration and memory problems, or inability to manage work, home, or relationships.

Bereavement counseling

At Philippe Jacquet & Associates, each client is treated confidentially, with compassion and a unique treatment approach. Mourning counseling usually begins with the help of the therapist, who determines whether the changes the individual is facing are harmful, harmful or destructive.

For example, if an individual feels extremely sad and has difficulty managing their work, attention to children, or maintaining their current relationships, counseling can be very helpful in working through the different stages of grief.

Mourning counseling will not speed up or eliminate the grieving process, but provides help, compassion and a confidential place to talk about loss, your emotions and thoughts, and where to develop healthy strategies and practices to help go forward.

Bereavement counseling can be done individually with a therapist or counselor at Philippe Jacquet & Associés, or in small groups. Talking to others facing a loss can be a very positive experience and lead to a deeper understanding of the group members, who are not alone in a very difficult time.