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How the Hypnotherapy Process Looks Like at Our Harley Street Practise?

When clients come into our Harley Street Office they are often concerned about habits, behaviours and beliefs that they have that are counterproductive, negative or even harmful to the life that they desire. Often the roots of these behaviours, addictions and beliefs are very deep and may even be largely hidden from the individual. In these situations hypnotherapy can be a highly effective option to uncover those unhelpful, harmful or negative thoughts that are driving the current unproductive behaviours. After all, what we believe is ultimately what shapes our actions and behaviours, so changing thoughts and beliefs is critical to reshaping our future actions.

The Conscious and Unconscious Brain

Most people are comfortable with the idea that the brain has two components or parts. These is a conscious mind where we think, problem solve and make decisions, and is the part that we consider logical and factual. Then there is another part, a more shadowy or hidden part of the brain known as the unconscious. This part of the brain is where we experience our instinctual behaviours including our imagination, our values and beliefs, our emotions and our sense of who we are in the world around us.

Everything that gets into the subconscious is first somewhat processed by the conscious. In other words, we try to explain, analyse and categorise information from the world around us to fit into our prior perceptions. This then gets stored in the unconscious mind, reinforcing what we already believe. For example, if you are constantly told as a child you aren’t good at school you begin to store this information as a belief. Every time you do poorly on an exam or a paper this reinforces the belief. Then, when you are faced with an academic task, your unconscious is already telling you that you will fail, so you don’t study or try, and you do not succeed.

Changing Those Beliefs Through Hypnotherapy

Since all your information in your unconscious is corrupted by the conscious mind it is a never ending cycle of misinformation that gets through to the unconscious mind. By using hypnotherapy the conscious mind and unconscious mind are both relaxed, allowing suggestions to bypass the filter of the conscious mind and be stored as unaltered, positive messages in the unconscious.

Through hypnotherapy these positive messages can be developed that replace the mistaken, inaccurate and incorrect messages of the past. In the example above the messages would focus on using effective study skills, confidence in test taking and an accurate ability to recall information. On the next test you do well, you receive positive feedback, and your conscious mind now sends messages to be stored in your unconscious that support the fact that you are a capable learner, reinforcing the positive and driving future behaviour for success.

At the Harley Street Office our hypnotherapists can work with clients on all problematic behaviours. Most clients will notice a change in their thoughts and behaviours within just a few sessions, and these changes can last a lifetime.

Posted by : Philippe Jacquet