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Help Overcome Inner Turmoil With Psychotherapy

In every life tragedy, trauma, conflict and negative experiences occur on a seemingly never ending basis. Over time, and based on the significance of current negative events as perceived through the lens of past traumatic experiences, this build-up of negativity can cause changes in our ability to enjoy life, to participate fully in relationships, to see a meaning in our lives and even to find inner peace and harmony.

Often people are very good at concealing this inner pain, at least on the surface, but within intimate relationships or during times of stress this pain can result in changes in behaviours, addiction problems, relationship disintegrations and an overall lack of enjoyment of life. When these emotions rise to the surface and it seems there is no way out psychotherapy can provide a treatment that will allow you to enjoy life again, build strong relationships and address behaviours that are creating personal, professional or health challenges.

An Integrated, Holistic Approach at our Marbella based practice

At Philippe Jacquet & Associates Marbella based office our approach to psychotherapy is integrated and holistic, based on the needs of each individual client. Completely confidential and private each session will utilise the techniques and approaches that our highly trained and internationally recognised therapists know to be the best for the individual client.

This means that our psychotherapy treatment is not a one-dimensional approach; rather it addresses the entirety of the needs of each client. We have the ability to draw from very diverse schools of psychotherapy using techniques that can include cognitive exercises, relaxation techniques, mindfulness, art therapy and specific treatments to address all presenting concerns is an very holistic and complete way.

Addressing Deeply Personal Issues

Often the behaviours that are problematic in a person’s life are a result of deeply personal and perhaps even largely unexplored experiences. This could include issues in the past with abuse as a child, ongoing relationship problems, low self-esteem, transitions in life such as a mid-life crisis or even due to depression, anxiety and the more complex issue of post-traumatic stress disorder.

By working with Philippe Jacquet in psychotherapy you will have the advantage of seeing a professional that is internationally recognised in his work on addictions, eating disorders, trauma, relationship issues, PTSD and dual diagnosis clients. In addition Mr. Jacquet has also provided psychotherapeutic services to those with terminal diseases and their families, assisting in addressing the very real issues of grief and bereavement as well as extensive experience in working with clients with compulsive and personality disorders.

The first step in finding real meaning in life that brings personal joy, satisfaction and contentment starts with seeking help. Psychotherapy, as offered as a holistic and integrated treatment approach, is critical in being able to process the issues that are preventing you from reaching this desired goal. Through working with Mr. Jacquet and his staff you will learn the coping techniques and strategies to achieve personal happiness and inner peace, allowing you to have the life or personal satisfaction that you have always wanted.

Posted by : Philippe Jacquet