Everyone experiences challenges in their life, some of which are minor and some very significant. In some situations we are able to handle these minor or major challenges without any assistance, coming up with solutions that work well and add to our sense of self confidence and self-esteem in solving complex or challenging problems.

However, sometimes in life the challenges, issues or situations that we face may be overwhelming. They may seem to be outside the scope and range of our problem solving abilities or our areas of expertise. It may also seem impossible to find someone within our current circle of friends, relatives or colleagues that would be appropriate to discuss the issue with.

Group And Individual Options

The answer to this dilemma may not be as difficult as it first appears. Counselling can offer a short term option to work through challenges and problems that may crop up in anyone's life. These issues can be discussed in a small group setting, as an individual session or as a combination of the two options.

Group sessions that are carefully constructed by the counsellor are invaluable as a way to talk through your challenges with others who are facing similar issues, obstacles or difficulties in their life. Groups are selected by the professional counsellor to address issues that are common within group members.

Counselling can be completed on an individual basis as well. With this option, as well as with group sessions, the counsellor is not there as a source of the definitive answer to the client's problem. Instead the counsellor, and group members if applicable, are there to introduce new ideas and provide differences in perspective. By examining these ideas and perspectives the individual is then able to look at a range of ways to solve the problem or create a better option for resolution.

Addressing Specific Issues

Whilst some of the same techniques and methods may be used in counselling and psychotherapy, counselling tends to address much more specific and immediate issues than psychotherapy does. It is more directed towards a current challenge or concern that the client may have as opposed to long term patterns of behaviours.

There are several different challenges or areas of concern that are effectively addressed through counselling as opposed to other types of therapeutic interventions. Often issues with interpersonal conflict in relationships are ideal candidates for counselling.

Highly professional and skilled in guiding and working with clients, Philippe Jacquet has years of experience in counselling clients. This experience and professionalism allows Mr. Jacquet to structure both group and individual sessions to maximize the potential for personal growth and change for each client.

In some situations and with some clients counselling may be an effective way to address immediate issues while also uncovering some previously unknown long term issues that may be contributing to the issue. In this situation the counsellor can work with the client to determine if psychotherapy to get to the root issues may be in the client's best interest.

Counselling is a very confidential, very effective way to address issues that may seem overwhelming or impossible to resolve. With professional assistance and support you can learn strategies and options to resolve the issue on your own terms and in your own way.

Posted by: Philippe Jacquet