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Sex Addiction Counselling in Bermondsey - Philippe Jacquet & Associates

Sex Addiction Counselling in Bermondsey - Philippe Jacquet & Associates

The Science Behind Sex Addiction And Sex Addiction Counselling


Sex and the sex drive is a normal, desirable, and important part of being a human and being in a relationship. However, some individuals with chemical imbalances in their brains, emotional or psychological disorders, or a history of abuse, trauma or relationship dysfunction may develop an unhealthy relationship with sex. In our Bermondsey Office, providing counselling services to the city, our therapists work with individuals that are experiencing an addiction to this very natural behaviour.


The Science Of Sex Addiction


Sex addiction is a destructive, negative, potentially life threatening addiction that can occur when sex becomes strongly associated in the brain with the "feel good" chemicals. Sex becomes linked in a way with the short term reward system and overrides all the other things in life that also provide this reward. In other words, the brain chemicals that are released when the sex addict engages in the behaviour are the same that are released with a drug addiction, alcohol, gambling, or food addiction. The only way that the individual is able to feel good, actually better than good and almost euphoric, is to engage in the behaviour again and again. Just like other addictions, sex addiction tends to be progressive in nature. What initially provided that brain chemical burst and euphoric feeling needs to constantly be intensified to provide the same level of satisfaction. This is similar to an alcoholic that needs more to drink or a drug addict that moves from soft drugs to hard drugs to try to get that same feeling.


Seeking Sex Addiction Counselling


The signs of sex addiction are often hidden very carefully from partners, spouses, and friends. However, often at our Bermondsey Office in the city the behaviour is no longer a secret and this has led to the individual, the partner or spouse, or even the employer to seek help.


Behaviours that can be addressed and modified in sex addiction counselling in the Bermondsey Office can include any issues that are creating problems in the individual's life. Often, these include sexual relationships with multiple partners, unrealistic sexual demands of a current partner or spouse, increasing time spend viewing pornography online, engaging in high risk sexual activities, escalating sexual needs, or inability to stop the behaviour despite wanting to do so.


Our sex addiction counselling programs are individually designed and created based on the needs of each of our clients. In our Bermondsey Office, we are able to offer a holistic and integrate approach to treatment that is highly successful in not only treating the sex addiction, but addressing the causes that triggered the addiction.



Posted by : Philippe Jacquet