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Depression Counselling Brussels

Most people that have depression may not realise that it is a mental health condition that is causing the sadness, helplessness or hopelessness that they are feeling. For a great many people depression has been something that they have lived with for years, and it is has left them isolated, without support, and often believing that they are worthless.


By understanding that depression is not just an attitude or part of your personality but an imbalance in the brain's chemistry that can be corrected, you have hope and options to become happier, more satisfied and gain back your self-worth and self-confidence.


The Signs of Depression


There are many different signs of depression that can include both emotional as well as physical components. By recognizing these signs in yourself, or a loved one, you can reach out to get the mental health and support that you need.


The typical signs of depression include:


           Feeling sad, blue or melancholy throughout the day with a particular influencing factor

           Constant feelings of physical and mental fatigue and exhaustion

           Difficulty in concentrating, problem solving and making decisions

           Poor view of self from both a physical as well as emotional or achievement standpoint

           Change in food intake which may result in weight loss or weight gain

           Disinterest in the world around you, even things that were once pleasurable and favourite activities

           Inability to relate to others, including friends and family

           Lack of sex drive or interest in sex

           Feeling as if everything is running in slow motion

           Changes in your sleep that can include increased amounts of sleep needed per day or having extreme difficulty with sleeping

           Feelings of simply not wanted to get up in the morning as there seems to be nothing to do

           Isolating yourself from others and avoid social situations

           Body aches and pains

           Irritability and anxiety or restlessness

           Feeling empty inside and not having the ability to think positive thoughts about yourself

           Thoughts of self-harm or suicide

           Increased use of alcohol and drugs

These symptoms do not all have to present for a diagnosis of depression. The more of these signs that are present the more essential it is to see your doctor or therapists to start treatment.


Treatment Options for Depression


Usually, depression is most effectively treated with medications and psychotherapy. The antidepressant medications are used to balance the chemicals in the brain, specifically serotonin, which is essential in overall mental health and well-being. However, not all people with depression need to use antidepressants and, in some research, psychotherapy alone is as effective in treatment.


There are several different types of therapy that can be used in the treatment of depression. Philippe Jacquet draws from different therapeutic treatment modalities to provide a holistic, integrated approach to the treatment of the individual.


Through treatment the goal will for the client, working with the therapist, to explore the thoughts, beliefs and convictions that are creating the negative self-image. In addition Mr. Jacquet will work one-on-one to build effective coping strategies to reduce stress, learn a new perspective, and see how incorrect thoughts have caused unhealthy behaviour to create new, healthier and more positive options.



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