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Adjusting To Loss With Bereavement Counselling At Our Harley Street Office


Death can be part of life, but coping with death, loss, and separation may be quite challenging. This is valid for tragic and unforeseen events, as well as for accidents that are predicted due to age, disease or a mixture of factors. People may often experience less concrete deaths and injuries, such as a lack of cherished friendship, a deterioration of a family, or a diagnosis of serious disease for oneself or a loved one.


As sadness and suffering are unbearable and inhibits your desire to continue your life, our counselor at the Harley Street office will offer bereavement therapy.


The Grieving Process


Grieving after a loss or a major unforeseen and perhaps unwanted change in life is very natural. Our counsellors at the Harley Street office in central London are sometimes questioned by clients whether their grief is natural or usual. It is important to realize that everyone has different grievances and that there is no correct or wrong approach, provided that the behaviour does not become harmful or destructive.


It is very common, but not universal, for people who are grieving or mourning to go through a series of emotional stages, often referred to as the cycle of grief. How they think, sound and understand the phases would be different for each person. This cycle includes the following stages:


           Denial - not accepting the loss

           Anger - at self or at the loved one

           Bargaining - struggling to find meaning and to gain control

           Depression - sadness and regret and the final acknowledgement of the loss

           Acceptance - the first step in moving forward in life


Behavior can also be very different between people during these stages. Some may throw themselves into activities to stay busy, while others may isolate themselves and try to deal with their grief and loss in private.


When Bereavement Counselling Is Important


There is no normal time for sorrow and grieving to last. Your attitude, your previous memories of disappointment and transformation, your religion or beliefs, your social group and even your relationships with the environment surrounding you can all affect your capacity to recover emotionally. However, when grief and grief become overwhelming, immobilizing and destructive to your ability to move forward with your life, we are here to help.


At our Harley Street center, our bereavement counselors will collaborate with you and build safe , efficient and constructive coping mechanisms and help with the tragedy you've suffered. Treatment will include a holistic approach that is based on your needs and best fits between treatments and your personality.


The therapy options may include a wide range of art therapy techniques and methods to give free expression to your deepest emotions to talk therapy to help you process and work through loss on your own terms.