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Seeking Help Through Eating Disorder Counselling


It takes a great deal of courage to address issues that are problematic in our lives. At our Harley Street office in central London our therapist and counsellors understand how difficult taking that first step to ask for help can be. This is true for any type of condition but it can be extremely difficult for those seeking eating disorder counselling.


The Emotional Toll


As with any type of addiction, eating disorder counselling is only effective when the person with the disorder is actively involved in their treatment program. Therapy and counselling is not the same as medical treatment where the patient is passive and the medicine or surgery is responsible for curing or treating the health issue.


When our clients in central London come into the Harley Street office for eating disorder counselling they are typically under a very heavy emotional burden. This is because the feel guilt, shame, embarrassment and even a large amount of self-loathing because of their eating disorder. They fail to understand that the eating is a symptom of a much bigger issue; not a result of a lack of willpower or personal control.


The emotional toll of eating disorders is often made much worse by well-meaning family and friends. They often try to shame or force the person into exercise, dieting or eating disorder counselling before the person is willing to accept there is an issue.


Reaching Out


That all important first step of reaching out to seek help through eating disorder counselling at our Harley Street office in central London is a not just a step; it is huge stride forward.


Our professionally trained staff with years of experience in treating clients of all ages with eating disorders is here to help. We don't judge, we don't blame and we don't find fault. Instead, our role is to help you explore, using a range of therapeutic techniques, the thoughts, ideas and beliefs that are causing the eating disorder.


By working through holistic treatment methods that get to the central cause of the behaviour our staff will support you in learning more effective methods to address these issues. You will learn new coping mechanisms to deal with anger, frustration, stress or depression. You will also learn ways to see yourself more accurately and to learn to enjoy being you, which is something that you haven't experienced in a very long time.



Posted by : Philippe Jacquet