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Expand Your Horizons With A Workshop


With years of experience as a much sought after lecturer and speaker, Philippe Jacquet is pleased to be able to provide an ongoing series of workshops from the Marbella Office.


Workshops, which will focus in on a range of topics including mental health issues, spirituality, support for caregivers, addiction recovery, eating disorders, art therapy and mindfulness, will be provided to the general public or to invited groups throughout the year. The focus of these workshops will vary depending on the topic as well as the intended audience. However, all workshops will provide highly informative, up to date and best practice research about the topic. As Mr. Jacquet can draw from both his extensive clinical experiences in both private practice as well as working in a variety of prominent treatment centres and hospitals the information will be both educational as well as practical in its scope and presentation.


Workshop Structure


Depending on the specific topic of the workshop the format or structure for the session will vary slightly. All workshops will include presentation of information on the topic by Mr. Jacquet and experts within a particular area of study.


In a great many workshops there will also be an interactive component for the audience. This could include trying out a different exercise, participating in an art therapy group session or practicing new communication or conflict resolution skills as part of a workshop designed for personal growth and skill building.


Each person attending the workshop will find something relevant and new to learn and consider after the presentation is complete. Through these community-based workshops you will gain accurate information on a host of different and very timely mental health issues, skills for personal growth and development, and even a greater understanding of the role of spirituality in your daily life. Concepts will be thoroughly explained in a way that will be easy to understand even if this is your first exposure to the presentation topic.


Past Reviews


Mr. Jacquet has provided workshops, lectures and trainings for groups in the Sahara, Belgium, Spain, France, and England as well throughout the United Kingdom and Europe. Past participants of these workshops have expressed their admiration for Mr. Jacquet as a professional and as an interesting, informative and passionate expert and workshop leader.


In his private practice in London he provides ongoing workshops as well on topics such as spirituality, mindfulness, art therapy and mental health topics. He has provided professional development workshops and lectures in prestigious private clinics in the United Kingdom as well as throughout Europe. Mr. Jacquet has also developed and facilitated specialised training for volunteers and counsellors in many different institutes and treatment centres. This focus in on the support and treatment of people in recovery programs for alcohol, drugs, sex addiction, gambling problems and eating disorders. This experience as a public speaker and workshop developer and facilitator is now at your disposal. Plan to attend a workshop and see just how interesting learning more about mental health issues can be.



Posted by : Philippe Jacquet