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Business owners can take full advantage of our Business Coaching services to obtain discreet, private and confidential one-on-one coaching .
Business Coaching

The world of business is often seen as a dog-eat-dog environment where men and women have to be strong, fiercely resolute and always on top of the situation. This makes for great movies and books, but it is not reality. In the real world everyone from the start-up business owner and sole trader to the multinational CEO faces doubts, challenges and problems. The problem for these people is that they cannot go to just anyone to talk. They have traditionally been advised to keep their own council, which obviously limits their ability to look for new and creative solutions to problems.

Business Coaching As The Answer

Philippe Jacquet & Associates is able to provide an answer to this conundrum. Business owners can take full advantage of our Business Coaching services to obtain discreet, private and confidential one-on-one coaching. Business owners will be matched to a professional, accredited coach who can help them to identify, brainstorm, and solve problem any issues that are posing challenges and difficulties.

Coaching is not about telling the client what to do. In fact, the coach will work as a guide or as a resource for the client, allowing the client to decide what is in his or her best interests. The coach will also engage in strategies that allow the client to look at different perspectives, consider a range of options, and then evaluate which is the best and most suitable option.

Business Coaching In A Nutshell

Unlike personal or life coaching, a business coach has a unique business background to help a business owner, manager or professional. They provide information and guidance to help you succeed in your business life. Your sessions will be based on your goals and desired outcomes, which may evolve as you move through the coaching process.

A business coach is someone that you can trust, who has a background in business, and also a proven track record in helping business owners and managers to achieve their goals. The business coach you choose should also be able to clearly articulate the coaching model they use to help you to achieve your goals.

Business coaching involves building trust and rapport as well as counting on the coach’s deep understanding of the reality of functioning in a business environment. This combination is essential to ensure that you get the maximum advantage from all your coaching sessions.

The NLP Advantage

At Philippe Jacquet & Associates all business coaches use the NLP process. NLP is a proven approach or methodology that includes communication, thoughts and behaviour. The acronym NLP stands for Neuro-linguistic programming and has been used in creating meaningful intrapersonal change since the early 1970s.

NLP allows the coach, as a guide, to walk you through the ways your thoughts, language and behaviour have an impact on your goals. Changing the way you think, talk about and act on specific issues will change how you are able to respond, resolve or address the particular problem or situation. Failure to change the way you think, talk and act results in a repeat of the same behaviour, rather than a change that is measurable and positive.

Our Business Coaches are trained and knowledgeable in both business strategies and NLP techniques. By combining the two, business managers, owners and entrepreneurs are able to tap into their own resources to achieve success, resolve issues and create the environment needed for their business to grow and thrive through any challenge.

Posted by: Philippe Jacquet