Stress At Work

Stress At Work

Stress at work is an increasing problem in many workplaces and businesses as the demands on management and employees continues to focus on increased productivity with ever decreasing resources and time. In addition, stress is also increased in times of economic decline as downsizing and workforce reductions move further and further up the corporate ladder.


Many executives, managers and those in positions of power and authority in a workplace experience very high levels of stress. Not only may they be chronically concerned about the viability of their business and job, but they also bear the emotional stress of having to make decisions about reduction in their workforce, often resulting in facing the stress of having to let long term employees and friends know that they are going to lose their job.


The Signs and Symptoms of Chronic Stress at Work


The signs of stress can be both psychological as well as physiological. Business professionals often ignore the early physical signs of stress or perhaps treat the symptoms without realizing the much deeper, underlying psychological reasons have to be addressed as well.


Common symptoms of stress include:


           Aching muscles and joints

           Loss or change in appetite

           Restless or limited sleep

           Physical and mental exhaustion

           Racing thoughts and the inability to disengage from thoughts about work-related topics

           Decreased enjoyment of things that were previously pleasurable

As stress becomes chronic, other serious health issues such as cardiovascular problems, increased risk of high blood pressure, headaches, increased illness, depression, anxiety and even the abuse of alcohol and drugs become more prevalent.


Business Coaching to Reduce Work Related Stress


Business coaching offers a non-therapeutic option to developing individualized skills and mechanisms for coping with work related stress. In a completely private and confidential environment the client can work with his or her business coach to explore the root cause of the stress and develop a plan to approach the stressful situation in a more productive manner.


With questions and strategies, the business coach works with the client, not as an instructor, but as a caring, supportive mentor who has experience in successfully assisting business professionals to build their leadership skills. As you become more confident and more secure in your role in the business, the stress will evaporate from your life, allowing you to make effective, efficient decisions without always second guessing the process.


A business coach can help a business executive to reduce stress in his or her life by:


           Setting realistic personal and professional goals

           Learning to be mindful and taking responsibility for your actions and decision through effective problem solving techniques and strategies

           Letting go of unnecessary worry over the "what ifs" in life

           Remaining positive and optimistic while still being realistic

           Building self-confidence and coping mechanisms that are highly effective for the individual in the given work environment

           Assisting in developing a support network, gathering resources and evaluating current skill sets that are highly effective in reducing stress

At Philippe Jacquet & Associates our business coaches are available to provide one-on-one coaching at your workplace or at our offices. Trained and experienced in coaching as well as in the business world, we are able to help identify the source of the stress and develop your skills and techniques to minimize the stress in your business and personal life.


Posted by: Philippe Jacquet