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Getting The Most From Eating Disorder Counselling

Living in the city, living today’s fast paced life, and perhaps not having the time or the coping mechanisms to process everything that happens in your environment are all causes of changes in behaviour and in your thoughts. When these changes are negative or adversely impact your life we call them disorders or addictions. If you are living with a disorder around eating or an addiction to food then we can help through our eating disorder counselling.

In our Bermondsey office, providing service to the city and surrounding areas, our patients come in with various eating disorder issues. We work with patients that have anorexia, bulimia, overeating concerns or with compulsive or binge eating complaints. Our staff is experienced, trained and more importantly compassionate; providing the optimum therapeutic environment to make the changes you need in your thinking and coping to live a healthy, happy and addiction free life.

Eating Disorder Causes

Most people that we see in our Bermondsey Office that seek eating disorder counselling have concurrent issues that also need to be addressed. The most common issues include a history of abuse or trauma that is not treated or not acknowledged effectively, anxiety, lack of self-esteem, depression or other types of mood disorders.

Eating disorders can also occur from feelings of inadequacy, relationship issues, communication problems and feelings of isolation and loneliness. For the most effective treatment discovering the reasons for these feelings and ideas about self is essential to addressing them and bringing about a change in thinking and a change in being.

Holistic Planning

To assist our clients in the city at the Bermondsey Office we use a very unique approach to eating disorder counselling. First, we see our clients as the heart and soul of our sessions, so therapists work closely with the individual goals of the client to create a holistic and integrated treatment plan. It is essential that treatment is providing the changes that the client wants and desires in order to be effective and meaningful to continue.

We don’t use one specific method in our eating disorder counselling; rather each client will have a unique, bespoke type of treatment experience. Our counsellors will draw from a range of therapeutic techniques that are carefully selected to match the client’s preferred communication and interaction styles as well as his or her goals.

Getting the most of your eating disorder counselling at our Bermondsey Office means coming to all sessions and being an active participant. When these two things occur the results are amazing and lifelong, truly making a positive change for the better.

Posted by : Philippe Jacquet