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To help our clients, we have designed flexible options and ways to interact that can save time.

At Philippe Jacquet & Associates, we recognize the importance of flexibility in managing your packed schedule. We understand that your days are bustling with meetings, events, and various tasks, underscoring the necessity for flexibility to accommodate professional coaching, counselling, or psychotherapy sessions. With this in mind, we’ve structured our services to adapt to your valuable time, ensuring that finding room for appointments amidst your commitments feels seamless, even within the confines of a tightly-bound timetable.

To support our customers, we’ve developed tools and ways to connect that will reduce time, build alternatives to conventional in-person counseling, and schedule meeting times that are perfect for you. Through this degree of versatility, our clients are able to continue to operate and meet both their medical, family and job-related demands, while still providing the assistance and encouragement they need.

We regard each customer as an individual, demonstrating flexibility as we offer a full variety of services customized to align with specific preferences and flexible scheduling needs. Our dedicated care staff will adeptly coordinate various solutions within the recovery package, ensuring that you have access to our robust network of specialists committed to providing the help and assistance you necessitate.


Enhancing client flexibility : A few of the options we can offer to help busy clients continue with services include

Skype Sessions

Technology has provided increasing flexibility for both clients and professionals. Skype offers a very simple way for the professional and the client to interact using both voice and video components.

Skype is a very good option for a busy professional or a client that has to travel. No longer do you have to postpone sessions or cut business trips short to keep your therapeutic appointments. Now you can accomplish both as long as you have access to an internet connected device. Your laptop, tablet or smartphone are all ideal options for using Skype to communicate and complete your sessions.

Fexibility : Workplace Meetings

Flexibility is a critical factor depending on the service you are utilizing and the business environment in which you operate; having the professional come to your location can be a flexible option to consider. Flexibility in our approach means business coaches, counsellors, and therapists may find it significantly beneficial to see your workplace firsthand and gain insight into the daily rhythm of your professional life.

Businesses that include coaching, therapy, or counselling in their employee support programmes often see the value in providing in-house sessions. This flexibility allows employees to step away from their desks or work areas for their sessions and then seamlessly resume their work, eliminating the time spent on travel and avoiding the delays caused by traffic.

Venue Selection

For some clients, particularly those who are at a distance from our office, meeting in a neutral, central location that offers flexibility could be beneficial. This type of arrangement promotes flexibility and can be made in advance, designed to accommodate the travel needs of both the client and the therapist, coach, or counsellor.

Flexible Scheduling

Our flexibility in scheduling is carefully designed with confidentiality and privacy in mind. We are always ready to discuss your particular needs and work with you to develop a schedule that is practical for both our staff and you as our client.

Posted by: Philippe Jacquet