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There are many obstacles and challenges in life, which cause us to become overwhelmed, or even frozen and unable to make decisions and deal with the problems we are facing. Sometimes, these obstacles and challenges are built block by block since our childhood and sometimes they are a single event which happens in our lives. Regardless of why they are blocking our ability to change, make decisions, or move forward, they are limiting our abilities by creating negative and mistaken internal dialogues and thoughts. These internal negative thoughts about the situation, ourselves, and our past limit or restrict creativity, problem-solving, and the ability to see a way forward through the challenges we are facing.

As many of these obstacles include depression, anxiety, Post-traumatic stress disorder, fears, bereavement, relationship problems, or stress issues, they can transition from mental health issues into physical health problems. Working with a central London psychotherapist is essential in changing those negative thought processes and learning new strategies to move forward.

Talk therapy with Central London Psychotherapist

Psychotherapy is sometimes known as talk therapy, as clients work closely with their psychotherapists in confidential sessions. Most clients will find it beneficial to attend weekly sessions, at least during the initial stages of therapy.

During these sessions, the central London psychotherapist and the client explore, through questioning, activities and discussion, the underlying harmful or negative thoughts driving the problematic behaviour. This may include messages or beliefs developed in childhood from parents, or other people involved in the family.

In this safe, comfortable, and supportive environment, the client is able to see the reality of how the harmful thoughts developed with the session conducted by central London stress therapy. This is a freeing experience, which allows the client to put those messages from an adult perspective or from a place away from the trauma. 

Once this process starts, how these thoughts are impacting current challenges as well as how they can impact the future are also addressed by the central London psychotherapist and client. Through this understanding changes occur in thinking, believing and assessing current issues, allowing for better decisions, increased personal satisfaction, and the development of positive and creative solutions to the problems the client faces.

Central London psychotherapist real transformation

While psychotherapy is not an overnight solution to a problem, through the process real, sustained, and meaningful transformation occurs. This allows the individual to learn new, effective coping skills and strategies. The client is able to eliminate the negative thoughts which have been holding them back in their personal growth.

At Philippe Jacquet & Associates, our therapists use a range of different approaches based on the treatment goals indicated by the client. Each treatment plan is specific to the unique individual client and can include elements from types of therapies as well as different exercises and activities to help each client to learn more about themselves on a deeper level.

Throughout the process, the central London psychotherapist is there to guide, support, encourage, and be non-judgmental. At Philippe Jacquet & Associates, our psychotherapists are highly trained in the use of integrated methods to assist our clients with central London addiction counselling and other mental illness. The end result of participating in psychotherapy is a true transformation in the client’s ability to see themselves and their personal value in a positive and healthy way.

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