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Mindfulness is a therapeutic process that uses a heightened state of mental awareness or mental sense of self.

Art therapy and mindfulness

Art therapy is the use of a specific technique or painting, drawing, sculpture and printmaking, to speak on domestic issues and to create practical solutions. It’s a way to tap into the creative part and problem solving mind to treat trauma, anxiety and personal issues that have become ubiquitous and problematic for the individual. Through the use of art, in particular by stimulation of the creative process, solutions are developed by the customer that are personal, relevant and effective.

Mindfulness is a therapeutic process that uses a high state of mental or psychic awareness. This is the technique that allows a person to focus not only on external experience, but also on internal experience, the result of what is happening around her. This is not a focus on the past or the future is the ability to examine and really understand what is happening in the minute. This includes your mental impressions, ideas and beliefs, as well as how your body and mind feel the sensations associated. You are careful, but do not hang you or a belief or thought, you just live in the moment.

The link between art therapy and mindfulness

Art therapy can be integrated with the practice of mindfulness to create a powerful tool for the therapist to use with clients. It has been widely used with people who are in a state of chronic and life-threatening conditions, including cancer, as well as customers who have experienced trauma, anxiety, depression, and those in addiction recovery.

Customers using art therapy and mindfulness techniques are encouraged to create visual representations of what they are experiencing in the moment. These may include traditional art therapy techniques of painting, drawing and sculpture, and art techniques such as collage and even scribbling.

The therapist's role

With art therapy and mindfulness, the therapist may have several different roles. It will be important for the therapist to work with the client on mindfulness techniques, such as meditation and self-reflection, and allow the customer the freedom to choose his own preference for the art therapy technique.

The therapist can use techniques as a process to provide a means to the customer to consider a problem and represent through art. However, this can also be a task oriented towards a goal where therapists encourage, support and ask questions that can assist the client in developing a solution to a problem in the process of creative artistic expression and how it resonates with oneself.

Mindfulness and art therapy can be used as part of a holistic approach to treatment. This offers a unique opportunity to ensure that the customer is very introspective, while expressing outwardly, in his words, internal issues they address. This provides the opportunity for the therapist to encourage creativity and enable customers to learn about themselves and their ability to solve problems effectively and tailored to their needs and situation.

Posted by: Philippe Jacquet