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The best bespoke program

bespoke business coaching

Many professionals and executives find our bespoke business coaching very helpful

Bespoke Program For Business Coaching

There are few services that lend themselves to a bespoke program in the same way as business coaching. At Philippe Jacquet & Associates our goal is to make your coaching sessions uniquely designed around your specific goals and desires for personal and professional improvement.The bespoke program is designed to incorporate a range of different areas, interests and targets for professional growth for executives in any industry or business. With experience in the business world as well as extensive use of coaching techniques and methods, the business coach can design a program that will uniquely match your needs and provide the growth, support and resources that you need to effectively reach your professional goals.

Beginning the Process

A bespoke program for business coaching allows the coach and the business executive to work closely together to set measurable, obtainable goals that are customised to meet the desires and targets that you express. Often business leaders have difficulty even understanding or articulating just what they want to improve upon, they may simply know intuitively that something that they are doing is not working effectively for them.

The business coach, in this situation, may recommend starting with some self-assessments to determine where you are confident and strong and where you may be feeling less sure of your abilities. From here you can develop a set of unique objectives and goals over the short and long term to take full advantage of your current abilities and competencies while also working on developing the areas in which you feel less capable.

The Bespoke Program Benefit

There are business coaches and business coaching programs that take a cookie-cutter approach to assisting the professionals and executives who use the services. The issue with these programs is that they may be somewhat effective or they may not address the specific targets and improvements that you want to make.

On the other hand, with the bespoke program, you will be working on your own individual goals and skills from your first session with the business coach. You can also elect to add goals and objectives or to change things as you progress through your sessions with your coach.

As you work with one business coach in a bespoke program, you will find that you develop a very strong working relationship. This allows the business coach to provide challenges for your personal growth while also providing objective feedback as to how you are progressing. Many business professionals and executives find that this is a very refreshing change as they are the centre of the entire session, and they have dedicated time to work on their own personal goals and areas of desired improvement away from the office and the demands of the job.


Stress management techniques and strategies

A bespoke program often include elements or aspects of personal growth including more effective time management and organisational skills, stress management techniques and strategies, increasing focus and goal setting, leadership and management skills as well as increasing productivity. How these elements will be included in the coaching sessions will be unique for each executive, making this the most personalised coaching program available and one that is tailored just for you.

Posted by: Philippe Jacquet