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Online and in-office serive

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Our bespoke psychotherapy services are adjusted to each client's needs.

Philippe Jacquet & Associates offer integrative psychotherapy services in Central London and other locations including Colchester, Paris, Brussels and Marbella. Find out how our therapists address your specific needs for sustained change.

Psychotherapy is one of those terms that has become, over the years, somewhat clouded in mystery and confusion. In fact, psychotherapy is a very positive, effective and extremely helpful way for people to learn more about themselves. This insight leads to changes in behaviours and thoughts that may be causing distress or holding them back from the positive changes they want to make in their life. In essence, psychotherapy is a treatment process that uses talking to unearth and examine closely held beliefs that are problematic. For many people the reasons why they do things, often self-defeating things, may seem like a mystery. Through psychotherapy, the client is able to safely look back over their life to determine why they do what they do and what is behind that behaviour.

Our Personal View

At our psychotherapy clinic in London, we know that, sometimes these problematic thoughts have been developed over a lifetime of interactions. It is not uncommon for harmful or negative thoughts about ourselves and our ability to be based back in our childhood and developed through interactions with our parents and caregivers. A trained psychotherapist can help in going back in time to remember these interactions, seeing them for what they really were, and changing the mental picture that we may have of ourselves based on those interactions.

Not all psychotherapy sessions will be based in the past. Current issues can also be discussed, analysed, and evaluated as either positive or negative issues within your life. With experience and knowledge, the psychotherapist will help the client to understand these issues, change the negative mental message, and create positive options for moving forward.

Sustained Change

Psychotherapy is not the same as other types of mental health treatment. It is not based on medication but rather on changing the way that we think about ourselves. By changing our thoughts from negative and debilitating to positive and proactive, we are able to change our behaviours. It is only through a true change in our view of ourselves that we can continue to move forward and grow as a person.

Imagine having the ability to see yourself in a whole new light. This light is not contrived or artificial, but one that truly shows the possibilities of your future. When we are able to reach this point, we are no longer trapped by that negative self-talk and self-image that has shadowed our life in the past.

Sustained, meaningful and positive change is the goal of psychotherapy. It is a journey, not a single destination, but it is achievable for each and every person.

We Can Help

At Philippe Jacquet & Associates we are able to offer a range of integrative psychotherapy options to assist you in changing the thoughts and behaviours that have had negative impacts on your life. We believe in integrative psychotherapy, which means offering a combination of therapies to find out what works best for you and in which ratio. For some clients this may include individual or group sessions or a variety of the two. Our professionals can offer traditional talk-based psychotherapy as well as art, music, hypnotherapy and occupational therapies that will help to work through the issues that are limiting your ability to achieve your goals.

So, if you’re looking for a therapist in central London, we have locations at Mayfair, Harley Street, and Bermondsey. We also have an office in the popular commuter town of Colchester, as well as international branches in Marbella, Brussels, Paris, and Nairobi. If you can’t make it to one of these places or you are seeking anonymity, we also offer online psychotherapy for all our patients.