Business Coaching

Increasing Your Professional Abilities Through Business Coaching

Increasing Your Professional Abilities Through Business Coaching

Business coaching, which may also be known as executive coaching, is a very personalised approach to professional development. In this model, a business coach works one on one with the client to achieve the changes or growth the professional has established. 

This is very different than attending a training or working with a mentor, although there are elements of both in the business coaching model. It is very private and a perfect choice for the executive, business leader or professional who wishes to improve some area of his or her professional and personal life in a confidential setting. 

Business coaching through Philippe Jacquet & Associates can be completed by Skype. This allows business professionals to schedule their session at a time they have privacy to interact with their business coach. By completing the sessions online through Skype both the coach and the client are using a highly secure platform and they have the option to both see and hear each other, which adds to the ability to understand and interact. 

When to Consider a Coach

Often business professionals, particularly those who are successful, have personal and professional goals they wish to achieve. A business coach is a trained professional to walk beside the client to assist in developing the skills the client has identified. 

Philippe Jacquet has provided business coaching services for over a decade, working with internationally recognized figures in banking and finance, barristers and solicitors, business executives, politicians and those with public profiles in the sports and entertainment industry. 

Anyone with a desire to change something about their ability to communicate, interact with others, develop leaderships skills or perhaps to learn more effective ways to resolve conflict as well as to become more effective in their personal and professional life can take advantage of this coaching service. 

What A Coach Does

While Mr. Jacquet is a psychotherapist and counsellor, in his role as a business coach he is not providing therapy. Instead, he will be working closely with the clients on their own goals and desired achievements. 

Rather than leading the business coach provides the support and the accountability to allow the business professional to achieve his or her own unique goals. This may include providing training and assisting in evaluating options, but not through telling the client what he or she can do. Instead, think of the business coach as a change facilitator, providing encouragement and support through assisting the client on their own unique path to become more proficient in one or more areas of their life. 

To contact Mr. Jacquet about business coaching services, send an email to schedule an initial session or to ask questions you may have about the process. You will also work to arrange a mutually agreeable time for your sessions, which can be scheduled every week or on a bi-weekly or monthly basis. 

Posted by: Philippe Jacquet