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Counselling To Address Change


Usually, one of the first questions that clients have when seeking help to change problematic behaviours or situations in their life is about the difference between counselling and therapy. For many people they may seem like the same process, just with a different name. However, at Philippe Jacquet & Associates they are two very different ways to achieve the changes desired by the client. In a very simplified explanation counselling is often a shorter term treatment option where the client is aware of the problem behaviour and has a significant understanding of the reasons for the occurrence of the issue. Psychotherapy, on the other hand, is generally designed to be a longer term treatment option that helps the client not only change the behaviours but explore and identify the root cause of the issue that may be hidden or blocked.


Often, during the counselling process, there may be hidden or previously unknown issues arise for the client. By working with the professionals at Philippe Jacquet & Associates psychotherapy can be included within the counselling sessions in a seamless and highly integrated treatment approach. You will continue to work with the same professional, or sometimes a team of professionals, to address the issues and create the optimum environment to allow you to make the positive changes you desire in your life.


Counselling Expertise And Experience


With over 25000 hours of direct support of clients, Philippe Jacquet is an internationally recognized counsellor and therapist working with clients with a range of different treatment needs.


His extensive counselling experience and expertise includes the areas of:


•           Eating disorders such as bulimia, anorexia and overeating

•           Addictions including drugs, alcohol, gambling and sex addictions

•           Grief and Bereavement counselling

•           Chronic illness and acute illness counselling for patients and families

•           Relationship issues - both individual and couples counselling

•           Trauma

•           Depression - including PTSD

•           Stress

•           Anxiety

•           Sex addiction & sexual issues

With experience in working in highly specialised settings as well as in private practice in several different countries the counselling staff at Philippe Jacquet & Associates, including Mr. Jacquet himself, have the unique ability to customise your counselling sessions to address the changes you want to bring about in your life.


A Client Centred Approach


Counselling is one of the most client centred options for treatment of any type of behaviours or issues that are creating problems within a person's life. However, counselling can also include working with couples to help to enhance a relationship through building competency and skills in developing trust, increasing communication, and learning how to solve problems that occur in the relationship both in the present as well as in the future. Completely confidential and private, counselling offers the client the experience and expertise of a highly trained counsellor to learn new ways to approach issues in life. There is a very concrete approach to some elements of counselling that allows the counsellor to help the client to develop better, more effective and more positive ways of dealing with difficulties in life without resorting to the negative or problematic behaviours used in the past.



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