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It is defined as the use of hypnotism for remedial purposes under the guidance of expert hypnotherapist to increase motivation or change the behavioral pattern by inducing hypnosis or hypnotism. This word originates from Greek word Hypnos which means “sleep” preceded by neuro hypnotism (nervous sleep). The procedure of hypnosis is an exercise that brings deep relaxation and changes state of mind called consciousness or trance and usually followed as an aid for counseling or therapy sessions by psychotherapist. As this state of mind helps people to explore thoughts, feelings and memories, enables to achieve a height in the state of awareness.
During this therapy an individual’s attention is deeply focused under the guidance of professional therapist on a specific task, thought, behavior or on a memory in such manner that anything which is happening around is temporarily blocked.
Nowadays hypnotherapy or hypnosis is applied to achieve success in the treatment of various physical, mental or bodily functions such as weight loss, skin diseases, for controlling destructive habits, getting relief from stress and anxiety, pain management, sports performances, for psychological treatments and for comforting restless surgical patients.


Hypnotherapy for AthetelsAccording to scientific studies our mind rules the functions of our body parts therefore it is necessary to have a healthy mind for the proper functioning of organs in body. For improving the performance a sports person adopt all kinds of technologies like nutrition, training equipment, strategies required for maintaining physical fitness. A sports person required additional mental abilities along with physical capabilities because the power of their mind produces utmost result on their performances during game.
Hypnotherapy has been used since many years for improving the performances of athletes, for boosting up their energy levels, mental strength and fitness. This form of mental therapy is applied by coaches, athletes and psychologists during training and competition for enhancing performances, to control the state of mind due to psychological advantage that avoid them from underperforming and nervousness, also enable them to positively concentrate on their goals and restrict negative or destructive thoughts which affect their performance. Many well known sports people nowadays are trained by hypnotherapist to achieve maximum outcome in their game, the famous golfer Tiger Woods is using hypnotherapy to obtain an edge in his game.
The hypnosis therapy is supportive for improving abilities of athletes related to various sports like football, cricket, tennis, squash, boxing, swimming, running etc. An athlete learns and practices various techniques by the help of a professional therapist that are beneficial or required for their sport. The athlete commonly used visualization or imagery therapy before their match. In general hypnotherapy provides several benefits to an athlete, some of them are as follows;
  • To remain self composed in every situation
  • To overcome negative feelings and fear from outside or inside
  • Increases level of confidence and self belief
  • Increases ability to control their nerves
  • Facilitates to manage stress by providing deep relaxation
  • Increases enthusiasm and commitment
  • Helps to reinforce and establish sporting goals
  • Enhance mental altitude

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