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Globalization is referred as the spreading ideas, customs, institutions and attitudes all around the world originated in any part of the world, it is also said to be westernization or modernization of social ethics, way of life and values of human beings. Most regions of the world accept this globalization or westernization to more or less extent in their societies. Experts claim that Westernization is associated with cultural or Scio-economic modernization.


Effect of Globalization in Arab StatesThese set of behaviors and beliefs are opposite to traditional societies of Middle East Arab region therefore in these areas the acceptance of globalization seems to become a major threat to the religion or traditional values and a matter of conflicts. The kingdom of Saudi Arabia adopted an approach or motto, modernization without westernization. There is no freedom provided to a common man to live the life as they want, all the literatures and materials they acquired are censored including print and electronic media like movies, internet access introduce from western world because most of the states included in Arab region are abide by Shari law and religious tradition. Youth and women of lower class those are depending on government are mostly affected by the limitations and restrictions. Despite of those prohibitions western culture has been creating great impact on language, culture and dress of people living in this region. People are using different social forums like face book, twitter and cyber Apps in high proportion, particularly youngsters and women are following the western ethics, customs and social values by all means.
According to an article written in journal of affective disorders, due to lack of liberty in society women and young generation are at higher risk of mental disorders like depression, anxiety, eating disorder and suicidal behavior as a result of awareness they gain from globalization, they are psychologically upset from not having education, marital issues, empowerment, infertility, freedom of rights and gender discrimination.
Social stress, psychological disorders and its variant are becoming major contributors of silent epidemic disease among the people of Middle East region. There are large numbers of displaced people called refugees that are victims of war or military endurance, these people are also said to be at higher risk for having post traumatic stress or disorder. Other people in Gulf region that are categorized as immigrant, blue collar workers and domestic maids who left their countries and families for their work also suffered from physical and psychological disorders.
World Health Organization has predicted that by the year 2020 depression will be the second most frequent cause of disability worldwide, for the people aged between 15-44 and major risk of mental disorder followed by drug addiction, abuse of alcohol and smoking. Statistics indicate and confirm the fact that population of Arab countries is commonly effected by serious mental illnesses and psychiatric disturbance.
It is necessary to manage mental and behavior disorders developed by the environmental, social and cultural stress, approach it properly by consultation of professional psychologist or mental health experts. Also you can treat this problem by practicing psychiatric awareness sessions or programs.

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