Gastric Band

The Hypnotic Gastric Band: An Option To Surgical Procedures

The Hypnotic Gastric Band: An Option To Surgical Procedures

There are many people around the world who struggle on a daily basis to control their weight. These individuals do not lack willpower, determination or commitment, but they find that, despite their efforts, their old behaviours and food addictions leave them unsuccessful in their dieting attempts.


In the past few years people have turned to a range of different weight loss procedures to help with reducing their physical ability to consume large amounts of food. These procedures include gastric bypass surgeries, stomach stapling, gastric bands and sleeve gastrectomy surgeries, the latter being removal of up to three quarters of the stomach.


These surgeries all pose significant risks even in the case of the less invasive gastric band. Patients can experience infections, ruptures, band slippage and digestive disturbances. In addition many people do not qualify for insurance coverage since it is only provided through NHS in situations where the individual's weight is posing a significant health risk and all other options have been exhausted. Private costs of the surgery can average between £5000 to as much as £15,000 and this does not include time off work or the cost of treating any possible complications.


Hypnosis As A Safe Alternative


As a safe and completely complication free option many people are turning to a new form of hypnotherapy. In the sessions, which will vary in number based on several factors, the hypnotherapist provides suggestions to the patient that the stomach is becoming smaller and is unable to hold the same quantity of food as prior to the session.


In follow up hypnotherapy this suggestion is reinforced as well as suggestions about healthier eating and healthier behaviours around food choices and portion control. The patient, after the hypnotherapy, will find that a smaller amount of food will leave them feeling full and satiated, eliminating problems with overeating.


In addition the idea that the stomach holds significantly less combined with healthier food choices will result in very dramatic and immediate weight loss. As the patient experiences this positive change in his or her life, they feel good about their progress and are more inclined to continue on with healthy choices and weight loss.


Depending on the hypnotherapist, the experience of actually going into the surgery can be very realistic. The couple that developed the technique, Martin and Marion Shirran from Spain, actually include taped sounds of a hospital surgery theatre as well as smells of the actual hospital. The more realistic the thought is that a "gastric band" is in place, as believed by the mind, the more effective the hypnotherapy can be.


Learning Healthy Options And Lifestyles


Individuals that complete hypnotic gastric band sessions also typically complete Cognitive Behaviour Therapy or Psychoanalysis to deal with any issues with food addiction, self-esteem or depression or anxiety that may also be present. Often, people with problems like obesity will have these conditions undiagnosed that can cause relapses back to unhealthy patterns of behaviour over the long term.


Posted by: Philippe Jacquet