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Body image is defined as the way we think, feel and be aware of our physical appearance, the image of our body is frequently affected by several factors like social or peer pressure, media exposure and surrounding environment. It is proven from researches and clinical studies that people who are not satisfied with their physical appearance may develop psychological problems and eating disorders as this dissatisfaction is directly associated with self esteem. The negative image of body mainly affects a young person severely by causing lack of self confidence and distracts abilities for developing social and personal relationships. Dissatisfaction of body image is the main reason behind the cause of self disparaging manners like fad intake, eating disturbances, exercising and using drugs.
New Man Self-image ConceptThe surveys reveal that men are becoming more conscious and concerned about their physic and image as compared to women, according to a study 45% of men are not satisfied their physical appearance as they worry more about their shape, size of belly and hair loss. Almost 4 out of 5 males (80.7%) discuss their improper physical appearance that describes the feeling of anxiety and stress. The high level of anxiety about their self image is shown in their thoughts and behaviors as they follow strict calorie diet, compulsive exercise routine and use laxatives or steroids to acquire perfect or ideal look and physic. As per stated in a report around 17% of males are following strict diet plans as these plans are not nutritionally healthy and 1 out of 4 males suffer from anorexia nervosa. The report also indicates that 20% of them are addicted to physical workouts regularly and 3% of adult males take muscle enhancing medication.  The people who are highly effected and vulnerable of having insecure feeling about their appearance and body shape particularly include models, page 3 celebrities, sports personalities and actors or dancers because they thought that they are or will be judge by their image not by their performances.
The problem of having imperfect physical appearance is widely spread all over the world among men as well; almost 50% of all men are not satisfied with their shape, size and looks. Until early 90’s the concept of shaping and toning body was not became a cutthroat issue in Arab region as it was thought that Arab males were free from eating disorder, weight issues and self image problems. As a result of media exposure, social networking and globalization the people living in the Arab region go through a drastic and extensive change in their social, cultural and economical values or lifestyle. It was found that Arab men especially youngsters preferred lean, strong and muscular physic by adopting exercise routine and calorie count food intake for having healthy and ideal weight


There are various factors that may support for development of negative approach or dissatisfaction for body image; some of the factors are mentioned as follows,
  • Mockery in childhood or teenage years due to having extra thin, fat and weak physical appearance
  • Peer, social and family pressure among adults for having strong and tough body with six packs
  • Exposure of print and electronic media that promote concept of ideal male body
  • By following sports players, celebrities and famous actors as their role models

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