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As with most schools of psychotherapy, describing analytical psychology in just a few words can be very challenging. However, there are some key points that can be used to determine if analytical psychology is the best option for a given individual. Analytical psychology was developed by Carl Jung and is sometimes referred to as Jungian psychology.


At the most basic and simple form the goal of analytical psychology is to balance the two key elements of our mind or personality, the conscious and the unconscious. By bringing these into harmony we are able to function more effectively and completely and become more whole.
The concept of whole, as it applies to this school of psychology, is not necessarily perfection, but rather a strengthening and increasing understanding of ourselves and why we do what we do.
Dream evaluation and understanding, which is a form of unconscious insight, is at the heart of greater understanding of what we do not know about ourselves. This information, which is hidden from us, may be creating the disharmony and dysfunction in our lives.


The psyche has amazing abilities to cope with trauma in our lives, but a damaged connection between the conscious and subconscious can actually create pain and discomfort. This emotional pain and discomfort is basically disharmony between the conscious and unconscious.
By working with a psychotherapist that can help with analytical psychology you can understand what the subconscious is attempting to communicate to the conscious via dreams. When you have this understanding the two can be more closely aligned, relieving the emotional discomfort and bringing harmony and peace.
By understanding the two different views, the client is able to resolve internal conflicts as well as become more aware of his or herself as a person.


Jung believed that the unconscious mind is part of a net or web of humanity. There is a personal unconscious, which is what you have experienced, as well as a collective unconscious which is common to all people and, in fact, all living beings. From the interaction of the personal as well as the collective unconscious we create an archetype the can shape our understanding of the world as well as our behaviour.
The Jungian theory or Analytical psychology is essential in understanding the development of personality or our archetype. It is very useful in working with a range of different issues including depression, social anxieties, and lack of feeling fulfilled or to gain a deeper understanding of who they are as a unique person.

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