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The dilemma of overeating is defined as the excessive consumption of food, leading to gain extra weight or having other physical and psychological problems; it is also called as an eating disorder. Nowadays people are eating to seek pleasure and are following unhealthy patterns of food intake by consuming unbalanced high calorie stuff that results in creating disorder in eating behavior. This problem is widely spread among people of all age groups and genders whereas women are reported to be highly effected by the obsession as compared to men.
According to the health experts there are several reasons of overeating that include hunger, appetite and extra eating during festivals or holidays. Sometimes this behavior is experienced due to overcome condition of stress, depression and guilt. The problem of excess intake of food occurs when the need of food is converted into want or addiction and the person feels helpless to control the desire.


overeating when eating outThe affects are very harmful and risky for physical and psychological health of the human body; it may also cause biological changes in the body result in excess food craving. These changes occur due to the some specific hormones that play an important part for initiating and ending the process of food intake. The hormones are named as ghrelin (for triggering hunger) and leptin (for reducing hunger).The major affect of overeating is gaining extra weight other physical effects of this disorder include serious health ailments and life threatening diseases like cardiovascular problems, hypertension, diabetes, asthma, rising cholesterol level, sleeping disorder, arthritis, renal infections and cancer. The over stuffing of gut beyond its capacity is also responsible for having digestive tract problems.
The most common symptoms include frequent episodes of food intake without any physical need, excess weight gain, low self esteem and eating less instead of having craving in social gathering due to embarrassment


It is difficult to overcome the disturbance in behavior but by the help of medical practitioner and psychological expert the problem of excessive food intake is treated effectively. The cognitive behavioral therapy under the instruction of professional therapist is helpful for the sufferer to accept, understand and solve the emotional or physical issues that are responsible for this disorder. Self help therapy or group therapy is also beneficial for treatment along with medication and nutritional suggestion. Other preventive measures taken to overcome the eating disorder recommended by the professionals are as follows,
  • Maintain healthiest and balanced diet routine by avoiding food products that contain high quantity of fats and carbohydrates. Add food in your daily diet that are full of fiber and proteins also drink sufficient amount of water.
  • Adopt the habit of eating slowly by taking small bites, chewing them thoroughly and enjoying each and every bite for satisfying your taste buds. Because by slow eating process the satiety signals get more time to reach brain.
  • Give full attention to your meal by staying away from distracting activities throughout meal time also avoid eating in hurry.

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