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EFT or Emotional Freedom Techniques is a method of treatment that includes elements from Neuro-linguistic programming, acupuncture and Thought Field Therapy. It combines changing inner negative, unhealthy or self-defeating thoughts to positive suggestions through focused affirmations and concurrent physical tapping of specific areas of the body.
It is often used for patients that have phobias, fears or anxiety or for patients that are experiencing negativity in their thoughts, moods or attitudes. It is also effective in treating issues that have historically been addressed with acupuncture. These include smoking cessation, addiction management, controlling cravings, pain management and in internalizing positive goals and changes into your life and lifestyle.
Learning the technique allows an individual to engage in self-help processes that use a set procedure. The use of the tapping on key energy points in the body, which are the energy meridians used in acupuncture, combined with focused thoughts allows the individual to change their response to eliminate problematic responses. Since there is a process it is a relaxing activity that, once mastered, can be used to treat any type of negative emotional response or even physical issues experienced due to trauma, illness or chronic health issues.


Each client starts by scaling the level of distress or stress that they experience with specific triggering events. After the initial scaling exercise, which is scored on a zero to ten basis, the client then undergoes the EFT treatment. Individual positive messages and affirmations are developed and used in conjunction with the specific tapping exercise. Depending on the specific method used eye movement exercises may also be developed and implemented along with the tapping and affirmations.
The tapping is done in a specific sequence and in a specific rhythm as the positive affirmations are spoken. The sequence is considered an essential component in balance the flow of energy through the body and restoring mental harmony. Different problems or issue may require slight variations to this basic technique to achieve maximum impact on all aspects of the change you desire.
You will repeat the process over time and in different sessions, scaling your distress before and after each session. At the end of each session you should have reached zero on the scale or leveled out at a distress level that is lower than your initial level prior to using the affirmation and tapping sequence.


Practitioners of the therapy believe that negativity in life, including negative lifestyle choices and emotional health issues, are a result in blocks or stoppages in the flow of positive energy through the body. By tapping specific meridians on the body, most typically on the head and chest, you are able to free up these energy blockages and restore the natural functioning of the energy flow.
The affirmations, always positive in nature, are similar to many talk based therapies and counselling techniques. They use the science behind neuro-linguistic programming to accomplish thought changes from harmful or disruptive to helpful and positive. For many patients the relief from emotional and physical issues can be amazing with even one session, especially when a trained practitioner is there to teach the process.

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