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Codependence is said to be a personality disorder in which the sufferer depends or rely on another person for its needs and wishes. It is an excessive emotional or psychological reliance on a partner or other. This condition is found in both genders and effect the people belong to all age group. The behavior is not about love, it is associated with controlling someone’s feeling of vulnerability and worthlessness as this habitual disorder is self destructive. This emotional and psychological behavior affects an individual’s capability of having healthy and satisfying interpersonal relationships.
It is a type of addiction in which someone becomes totally dependent on others, looks elsewhere and believes that he or she can only find love, happiness and fulfillment from other person. The sufferer has no belief in his or her self and neglects their own abilities by living in misapprehension that the key to happiness in their life is in the hands of others. Codependency problem may occur in any kind of relationship that may include family, friend, coworker, peer and social relationships. This term of personality disorder is basically used for spouses of alcoholics but the latest studies and investigations revealed that this condition of codependence is also commonly found among common public especially in people who belong to a dysfunctional family or those who have ill parent. According to the mental health experts if this problem is not treated properly on time will cause severe problems in an individual’s life by destroying relationships and reduces love, happiness and peace from the life of sufferer.


The people suffering from this personality behavior are always paying attention towards others thus causing many physical and emotional disturbances resulting in development of mental illnesses like depression, hypervigilence, alteration in moods and difficulties in relationships. Physically problems that are faced by codependent people are digestive tract disorders, headaches, high blood pressure, skin diseases and other illnesses associated with stress. The condition of this mental sickness are categorized in different groups like care takers, low self-esteem, repression, obsession, depression, controlling, denial, dependency, poor communication ability, weak boundaries, anger, lack of trust and sex problem.


  • These people have less belief in themselves, have low self esteem and always compare them with others
  • Always sacrifice their own needs and wishes to please other people because they can’t say no to anyone
  • Codependents have disperse limits as they do not know the distinction between their own need and what the other person needed
  • Always hide behind a powerful personality to feel safe and secure
  • Afraid of being rejected
  • An intense feeling of being alone and isolated
  • Carrying a sense of guilt or shame
  • Do not differentiate between love and pity
  • Worry about what other people think of them
  • Deny about what they are truly thinking or feeling
  • Due to lack of confidence always avoid making decision


The process of recovering from the problem of codependency is a challenging and tough task but it can effectively cured under correct guidance, support and by counseling a professional for building the self esteem of the sufferer, by teaching awareness of non helpful behaviors and thoughts. The treatment also includes an individual self help therapy or a group therapy, helpful in coping with destructive activities in a healthier manner.

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