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Employment is the most important determinant of psychological and physical health of a human being also work as a key social integrating influence; having work place issues like empowerment and job insecurities create material deprivation, lowers down level of confidence, social withdrawal, feeling of isolation and marginalization. People that experience all these above mention problems are at higher risk of developing serious health and mental disorders for the reason that health expert’s directly associated empowerment and work place troubles with psychiatric, behavioral and physical disturbances.
Work Relate Mental IssuesMental distress is a complicated emotional behavior that causes felling of stress, depression, anxiety and misery. The negative thoughts or behavioral changes that occur as a result of this psychological frame of mind can distract the working abilities, performances, social and personal relationships of an individual. Exceeded level of stress may lead to minimize concentration and focusing tendencies for acquiring the goals targeted in life, this condition also affects the performing capabilities at the work place and social network.
The factors that caused this state of mind are known as stressors and include social, environmental or financial pressures. The commonly found physical health problems due to this mental distress are diabetes, high blood pressure level, digestive tract disorders, sleeping disorder and cardiovascular issues. Psychologically it can affect communicating abilities, nervousness and social or working relationships.


According to a research Middle East Arab and Gulf regions deal with the world highest unemployment percentage because of various factors like war, illiteracy, inequality, discrimination, social and environmental barriers. The report also stated that the youth and women are the major sufferer of unemployment and job issues as women participation in Scio-economic forums is lowest as compared to other regions of the world. The least participation of women in social forums is due to gender bias, lack of family support and cultural or religious values.
The other people in Middle East and Gulf countries who are affected most and vulnerable to psychological problems as a result of empowerment, job insecurities and financial crisis are immigrants from other third world countries who move toward these states for earning money by doing jobs in offices, manual labor or as domestic maids. These people are already away from their families and loved ones when they experience dominance, work place issues and income problems suffer from extreme level of stress and depression. For anyone unemployment or job insecurities are major losses but other difficulties they are going through include low self esteem, lack in sense of security, lack in professional identity and work base social network whereas emotionally they feel hurt, panicked, rejected, scared and upset.
There are several therapies and techniques recommended or practiced by professionals nowadays to cope up with these mental problems, the preliminary step is to identify the nature of the problem by consulting an expert psychologist that give awareness and treatment procedure for curing the dilemma effectively by self help support method or by individual and group counseling process.

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