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Business Coaching Paris

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Business coach Paris, which may also be known as executive coaching, is a very personalised approach to professional development. In this model, a business coach works one on one with the client to achieve the changes or growth the professional has established.

For professionals in the top positions within firms, companies, organisations and in leadership roles, finding private, confidential and effective support for personal and professional growth and development can be very challenging.

With more than a decade of experience in providing one-on-one, client-centred and bespoke Executive Coaching services, Philippe Jacquet has helped hundreds of industry leaders. His focus has been on working with top executives such as bankers, barristers and solicitors, CEOs, politicians, financiers and other professionals to achieve their personal goals in a confidential and supportive environment.

Philippe Jacquet & Associates offer online business coach Paris, sessions via Skype to professionals in Paris, in the le-de-France region, or anywhere else in Franc

Business Coach Paris : For Whom?

Our online business coach Paris services are available to professionals based in Paris and anywhere else in France.

Philippe Jacquet has provided business coaching services for over a decade, working with internationally recognized figures in banking and finance, barristers and solicitors, business executives, politicians and those with public profiles in the sports and entertainment industry.

Executive coach Paris is recommended to anyone with a desire to :

Our Approach

While Mr. Jacquet is a psychotherapist and counsellor, in his role as a business coach he is not providing therapy. Instead, he will be working closely with the clients on their own goals and desired achievements.

Rather than leading, the business coach provides the support and the accountability to allow the business coach Paris professional to achieve his or her own unique goals. This may include providing training and assisting in evaluating options, but not through telling the client what he or she can do. Instead, think of the business coach as a change facilitator, providing encouragement and support through assisting the client on their own unique path to become more proficient in one or more areas of their life.

Through his extensive professional training and experience, Mr. Jacquet is able to integrate psychodynamic concepts to help the client to develop solutions, determine which is the best option, and assist in developing a structured approach to achieve the desired goals.

Bespoke Program

The program will be developed based on the goals of each client. The Executive Coach Paris acts as a catalyst or a resource to assist the professional in determining what the desired change is and how to best achieve that change.

With his experience as a psychotherapist, Mr. Jacquet incorporates a range of different techniques to provide this support and facilitate the change. These can include focused goal approach, exercises and role play, and a range of other integrated techniques carefully selected for each individual.

Online Executive Coach Paris Services

If you live in Paris or in the le-de-France region, we offer business coaching sessions online via Skype or WhatsApp.

Online sessions can be scheduled every week or on a bi-weekly or monthly basis.

The Benefits of Business Coaching

One of the most important elements of Executive Coach Paris is the personal autonomy of the client. The Business Coach Parsi is there to assist in working out problems, reality checking possible solutions, and to help manage the change process. The Coach is not the centre of the sessions, but rather the facilitator of clarifying the client’s own answers and helping to design a workable plan for the future.

Executive Coaching Paris is an ideal way to make personal changes and to continually grow as an individual and a leader. In the safe, confidential environment of the coaching sessions, new ideas, possible solutions, and even uncertainties can be examined without judgement, providing insight and understanding not possible without this support and structure.

The entire goal of Executive Coach Paris regardless of the specific issues, is to bring about positive, actionable change. It is a highly productive, client-centred option that can be used to make changes at a personal and a professional level without an extensive commitment of time by already established professionals in any career.

Contact us

To contact Mr. Jacquet about business coaching Paris services, send an email or call us on +44 (0)7809 668193 to schedule an initial session or to ask questions you may have about the process.

Psychotherapist Phillippe Jacquet Is Able To Provide A Personalised, Confidential And Highly Effective Treatment Plan And Will Customise Treatment And Therapy Programmes To Meet The Needs Of Each Client.

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