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There is some confusion about online psychotherapy Paris among the general population, in no small part down to inaccurate portrayals in the media, but it is a very positive way for someone to learn more about themselves and why they think, feel, and act the way that they do.

It provides a safe space to examine your life and your closely held beliefs, which can help you to change things that are distressing to you and causing you problems in other sectors of your life. Although many of these beliefs will have been formed in your childhood, this is not an approach that looks backwards, as it deals with how to improve your life in the future by seeing yourself in a new light.

How our experienced online psychotherapy Paris

If you’re seeking online psychotherapy Paris, France, but you don’t speak French, it might be hard for you to find a therapist that speaks English. That’s where Philippe Jacquet & Associates comes in. We can provide you with therapy in English, online via Skype or WhatsApp because your home address or the need to travel for business, should not stop you from seeking and receiving help.

We offer treatment for a variety of issues from marital problems to a loss of meaning to anxiety. We understand that you may be suffering from more than one issue at a time and that these issues may exacerbate one another, making you feel worse, so we seek to treat the whole person, rather than just one issue, which is the key to long-lasting change.

What type of online psychotherapy Paris do we practice?

Our online psychotherapy Paris is based on the ideas of renowned Swiss psychiatrist Carl Jung, who is most well known for his work on symbolism in dreams and how they can be interpreted, but this is only a small fraction of his work.

Work on the unconscious mind

Jung began practising at the beginning of the 20th century and developed a close working relationship with Sigmund Freud. The pair collaborated for several years, but they differed on the study on the unconscious mind and it ultimately caused their professional separation. Let’s look at what they believed.

Freud believed that the mind was divided into:

A simple way to imagine this is that if you were the ego, the id would be the devil on your right shoulder and the superego would be the angel on your right.

Jung, however, said the three parts of the brain were the ego, personal unconscious, and the collective unconscious.

His version of the ego referred to the conscious mind, which could access thoughts, memories, and emotions to form a persons identity, but it was his two-layered unconscious mind theory that really made waves in the psychotherapy field.

The first layer the personal unconscious – was similar to Freuds interpretation of the mind. It stored forgotten information or repressed memories that form a complex, which would be made up of more parts depending on how important the complex was to that person.

However, the second layer the collective unconscious or transpersonal unconscious was truly transformational. Jung said that this unconscious is shared by all people, including our ancestors, to provide us all with a similar imprint. This, he said, explained why people from all different cultures, countries, races, religions, genders, age groups, and any other way of dividing people into groups would cite common fears (i.e. the dark, spiders, snakes).

Furthermore, Jung said that the collective conscious essentially created universally recognised personality types, through something he called archetypes. The four most relevant ones are:

Jungian analysis involves understanding the role and importance of the archetypes for a whole and balanced self. Choose Philippe Jacquet, your expert online psychotherapy Paris.

Online Psychotherapy Paris : What does this mean for us?

Jungian analysis focuses on the subconscious and involves leaning into those messages so that people can learn to become more authentically themselves and feel more balanced and whole. We use it because it is highly effective in the treatment of various mental health issues by helping someone understand why they do what they do. This insight can resolve troubling behaviours.

Training for Jungian analysts

There are only about 1,200 Jungian analysts in the world because of the intense amount of education that must be undertaken to become qualified. Indeed, a fully trained onli psychotherapy Paris would have to take a Masters degree in the subject at an institution accredited by the International Association of Analytical Psychology (IAAP). Then, they would have to do 350 hours of on-the-job training with a Jungian Analyst who is registered with the IAAP. After all that, they will still only officially be an analyst-in-training, as they will have several years of supervision at work from an accredited analyst.

This does mean that patients will only be seen by the most qualified of individuals though.

English speaking therapy online

At Philippe Jacquet & Associates, we are able to offer many sessions online, which we’ve found is as good as an in-person online psychotherapy Paris appointment. For those who have to travel for business, have family commitments, or would otherwise have problems getting to our offices, it is actually better because they can actually attend appointments regularly with less anxiety about getting someone to watch the kids or something similar.

This is the option that we offer for patients in the Ile-de-France region. We know that it can be hard to get an English-speaking online psychotherapy Paris, so we offer many appointments online and then your psychotherapist will travel to Paris on a monthly basis for a face-to-face session.

Summary of other services offered

Of course, online psychotherapy Paris is not the only way of treating mental health and interpersonal relationship issues. There are practices that have been used since the dawn of time and new methods that develop as we learn more about the human mind.

We are often asked which way is best to treat a certain issue, but the fact remains that all of these methods vary in success based on the person and their circumstances. What worked great for your friend, may not help you at all. The best method is the one that helps you.

Of course, there may not be just one method that helps. Much like you might use an ice pack and rest to treat a twisted ankle, using a combination of methods can help to treat mental health problems more effectively; it’s just a matter of getting the balance right.

At Philippe Jacquet & Associates, we use an integrative approach to treat you, using the methods listed below. It may take a little time to find the perfect solution, but it’ll be worth it to ensure that the treatments work for you.

Art Therapy

For those who have trouble expressing their feelings, art therapy may be a way to communicate without talking and tap into the creative side of someone’s mind, rather than the destructive side that is causing them pain.

It is not about creating beautiful artwork and you don’t need any particular talents to benefit from this approach. Our online psychotherapy Paris may ask you to draw how you felt when you lost your mum or you suffered a major setback at work to assess how you were affected. It’s much harder to disguise how we feel when we’re drawing, rather than when we’re talking.

Online Psychotherapy Paris Counselling

This treatment is often used to treat specific issues over a short period, such as the death of a loved one. The counsellor, or group of other patients if this is a group session, can help you examine your ideas and perspectives in new ways.

Online Hypnotherapy Paris

An often misunderstood treatment, this uses hypnosis to create positive thoughts in your subconscious mind that will alter problematic behaviours. Importantly, everything will be discussed with you beforehand and you will not be asleep. You do not have to take any suggestions that you don’t want to take and you can break yourself out of a trance if needed.

Business Coaching

Business people are often under tremendous amounts of stress, but the culture of their office or work sector can mean that they aren’t encouraged to open up at work, even about ideas they have. They might feel as if they have to present a 100% perfect idea to the boss or keep quiet, lest the idea be stolen by a colleague or dismissed by their manager.

Our business coaches, who have backgrounds in the business world, will provide a safe and confidential sounding board for you, offering different perspectives and helping you achieve your goals.

Psychotherapist Phillippe Jacquet Is Able To Provide A Personalised, Confidential And Highly Effective Treatment Plan And Will Customise Treatment And Therapy Programmes To Meet The Needs Of Each Client.

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