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Smoking is the intake of smoke after burning of tobacco in form of cigarettes, cigars and pipes as this habit is very harmful for the health of human body, the continuous inhaling of this toxic smoke causes severe illnesses and damages to the inner vital organs of our body. The habit especially disturbs the working of brain cells, once a person inhales the tobacco smoke several chemical substances enter directly into the body of user. Nicotine the harmful chemical compound present in tobacco first enters into the blood stream causes reduction in the level of oxygen then damages the inner walls of blood vessels. Other unsafe chemicals found in the tobacco are tar, carbon monoxide, hydrogen cyanide, free radicals, arsenic, lead, cadmium and radioactive compound known as carcinogenic.
According to Centers for Disease Control, smoking is harmful for each and every organ of human body and the outcome is 1 out of 5 casualties yearly. Among all the cancer patients around 90% are patients of lung cancer due to the smoking. The carcinogenic substances present in cigarettes are responsible for this life threatening disease; other types of cancers associated with this habit are of mouth, esophagus, larynx, throat, stomach, kidney, bladder and pancreas. The life of a smoker becomes shorter than a normal person as it will die 15-20 years earlier than a non smoker.


  • Smoking increases the risk of cardiovascular problems by increasing the blood pressure and heart rate, blocks the flow of blood, reduces the oxygen level in blood, causes destruction to interior walls of blood vessels and responsible for atherosclerosis(deposition of fatty layers on the inner lining of arteries).
  • There are many respiratory tract diseases that are caused by this addiction and most common among them are lung cancer. One out of ten constant smokers faces death from lung cancer other nine may develop respiratory problems like bronchitis, asthma, emphysema or chronic pulmonary disease (COPD). As per reported by a study if a person smoke 20 cigarettes in a day the chances of having tuberculosis is maximized.
  • The serious threat of this addiction is brain stroke which happens due to reduction in blood supply to brain cells because the excessive amount of nicotine coagulate the blood and minimize the elasticity of arteries.
  • Lessens the power of immune system of human body by decreasing the level of antioxidants in blood, increases the vulnerability of illnesses like influenza, pneumonia and other viral infections.
  • Smoking is a dangerous habit as it does not only ruined the life of smoker but also causes harm to people around as these people become passive smokers or second hand smokers, especially effects children exposed to the environment.
  • It effects muscles of body and reduces density of bones.
  • The addiction also leads to several problems related to reproductive organs as in males it causes genetic damage to sperms, lowers down the sperm count, erectile problem whereas in females the smoking reduces fertility, irregularities in menstrual cycle, risk of cervix cancer.
  • Acidity and inflammation of digestive system, increases the risk of ulcers and other digestive tract infections.
  • Early progression of wrinkles and aging lines.
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