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Ecstasy is a drug which has been around for decades, and was made popular by its prevalence in the dance and party culture. While ecstasy used to be common only in a tablet form, newer, purer forms of the drug have recently become popular with the partying crowd  and usually are found in a powdered form. This more potent form of the drug carries with it additional risks, and is thought to be increasingly dangerous and addictive.


People take ecstasy because it simulates in them feelings of warmth, closeness, and physical energy. It is common to see the drug used in the party scenes, where those under the effects of the drug are known to be able to dance for hours without feeling exhausted. This is partially because ecstasy is an amphetamine, and is chemically related to methamphetamine  though it is not the same. People under the effects of ecstasy often experience sensations of euphoria and time dilation, and have even been reported to experience a heightening of their senses, such as vision and hearing. But, like all illicit drugs, ecstasy use has its down sides.


Among the younger party-going crowd, ecstasy is thought to be significantly less dangerous than other drugs, such as heroin and cocaine. This may be a contributing factor to the relative prevalence of the drug. But ecstasy does have negative immediate side effects such as nausea, blurred vision, increased heart rate, and increased blood pressure. In certain cases these symptoms can combine to threaten the well-being of the user, and can result in hospitalization. Ecstasy use has even been associated with the user’s death, often from overheating or disruption of the body’s other autonomic regulating processes.


Ecstasy PillsResearch shows that ecstasy use can be habit forming or addictive. Because the drug is associated with feeling of euphoria and well-being, those who use the drug regularly may become dependent on its producing such feelings, leading to symptoms of withdrawal when the drug is not present. In fact, many ecstasy users have complained about the “crash” after a night of using the drug, and have even reported using other drugs in order to make crash more tolerable. In general, those who abuse ecstasy are prone to experiencing certain symptoms including cravings for the drug, confusion, problems sleeping, and even depression.
Ecstasy use is more prevalent in the younger crowd, which can make especially dangerous. Often times ecstasy is mixed with other substances before being pressed into a pill form, meaning that the end user cannot be sure what they are ingesting. Also, there is ongoing research as to just how ecstasy use affects a young brain, which is still in its developmental stages. The popular thought that ecstasy use is less dangerous than that of harder drugs, such as methamphetamine, misses the crucial point, which is that use of the drug can have short and long term effects which cause the user to feel depressed and hopeless.


The United Kingdom is at a bit of a crossroads when it comes to ecstasy. As researchers are currently studying if ecstasy has any therapeutic uses, stories continue to trickle in about users who lose their lives when under the influences of the drug. Until it has been confirmed that a controlled, measured use of ecstasy has offers real benefits, it is highly recommended that people think twice before ingesting it.

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