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According to professional experts there is no reservation that social, cultural and religious conditions play key part in shaping up an individual’s personality, beliefs, behaviors and health related issues. When these factors are inadequately handled often cause harmful physical and psychological outcomes therefore coping with these issues is important and essential for the health care.

As we know that all the states included in Middle East or Gulf region are Islamic states, belong to Muslim faith and following an Islamic social and legal system known as Shari laws. These states have mostly operated as a monarchy system or an autocratic system of leaders, the natives and immigrants or expatriate residents should follow the same rules and regulations of society and sometimes share same dress code publically mostly a black abaya with veil for women while men wears white or colored dishdasha.


After the advancement in the scientific technologies the whole world becomes a global village, modernization or globalization also create great influence on the people of Middle East Arab region. Within recent years liberal Arab people especially youth and women found some of the social limitations and lifestyle undesirable. According to them the punishments in laws are severe, tolerance is deficient, lack of education, gender disparity as women are treated harshly and the fear of getting penalty is life threatening. All these aspects are too depressing or stressful and basis of developing several physical and psychological health issues.

In this region social or cultural limitation, barriers and oppression are some common stressors that are able to originate mental disorders like schizophrenia, depression, bi-polar disorder, obsessive compulsive disorder, post traumatic stress, sleeping disorder and anxiety. If these problems are not managed and treated on time may cause physical health troubles and mental disabilities. The mental illnesses can disturb an individual’s behavior, feelings or mood, social and personal relationships. Also distract the functioning of routine chores of life.

The psychological sign and symptoms commonly found include pessimistic approach towards life, nervousness, isolation, low self esteem, lack of concentration in work and having feeling of fatigue or lethargic. Whereas physically a person suffers from problems like high blood pressure, diabetes, headache, cardiac issues, digestive disorder and poor immune system.


Therefore it is better and necessary to make an early diagnosis and treatment of the illness on the prior basis by consulting a psychiatrist. Once the problem is identified, the treatment is started according to an individual’s specific condition in the assistance of a professional expert. The plans for the curing of mental illness mainly include stress management techniques; self help support programs, group counseling or therapy on one to one basis and sometimes medication also.

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