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Addiction Counselling Brussels

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Understanding addiction is not an easy process for many people. This is true both for those that have the addiction as well as the family members and friends of the addict. While historically addictions have been linked to lack of willpower or self-control, recent research has provided proof that addictions are not caused by those issues but are based on changes in the brain.

To understand how addiction recovery has evolved and the best methods of treatment it is important to learn more about addiction and its causes. As research is ongoing there are constantly new discoveries that are being made. These are instrumental in providing those with additions the medical and psychological help that they need to break the addiction cycle and make positive, lifelong changes to life as a sober, addiction counselling Brussels free individual.

The Definition of Addictions

The definition of addiction counselling Brussels has changed throughout history, but it is still the same basic concept. Addiction counselling Brussels includes the use of a chemical, such as alcohol or drugs, or the engagement in an activity that causes pleasure, but with continued use of the behaviour the act becomes a compulsion even though it is causing harm.

Addiction is not the same as a habit and it is not something the addict can simply turn off. Habits are something that we do that can be stopped; addictions have reached a far deeper level and are now a compulsion or an action that cannot be stopped. This is because neuropathways in the brain have developed due to the use of the addictive substance or behaviour that has created new pathways or responses in the brain.

Why some people develop addictions to drugs, alcohol or activities and others do not is still not completely understood. Genetic factors, including predisposition and family history, history of use of addictive substances, environmental factors and concurrent mental health disorders are all linked to the development of an addiction.

Types of Addiction counselling Brussels

While in the past the term addiction counselling Brussels was reserved specifically for substances, it now encompasses a range of different behaviours, even some which are required for daily life. Addictions to substances can include prescription and non-prescription medications or substances that are not medicinal in nature at all but are used to create those pleasurable or ‘high’ feelings.

Some of the types of behaviour addictions that can be successfully treated in a therapeutic setting include:

What to expect addiction counselling Brussels in psychotherapy

Philippe Jacquet is able to quickly put his clients at ease and begin to develop a therapeutic relationship that will is very comfortable for clients. Often within the first session clients will feel that they are talking to a trusted friend and it will be easy to discuss even the most difficult or challenging issues that they may have experienced in their past.

The sessions will evolve based on the areas that the client wishes to explore and learn more about. Through questioning, exercises and activities in the sessions the client will uncover more about his or herself. This could include why they have specific doubts or fears, and how those thoughts can be changed to allow real progress on the road to emotional healing.

Psychotherapy is like a journey of personal discovery that allows the client, with the help of a highly trained professional, to truly discover who they are and get rid of the negative thoughts that have been a part of their psychological makeup for so many years. This change is not only positive, it is lifelong. Working as your guide Mr. Jacquet will help create the environment that you need to feel safe, empowered and able to make the adjustments to life a happy, positive life.

What is the difference between counselling and psychotherapy ?

There are many similarities between the two therapies but they are not interchangeable. Addiction counselling Brussels is typically a short-term treatment that focuses on behaviour patterns, looks at problems, and finds solutions.

Psychotherapy, on the other hand, is where a therapist works with a patient for a longer period of time and gains insight into emotional problems, going beyond the surface level problem that has caused someone to seek help in the first place. It helps the patient understand their thoughts, feelings, and actions more clearly. It is also better for people with psychological problemsthat have been growing for some time. For this reason, there is evidence that psychotherapy for eating disorders may be a better treatment than counselling alone.

At Philippe Jacquet and Associates, we use a few different techniques in combination to treat patients, notably art therapy, which can be used as a window into the subconscious. This mixture of treatments can be of great help to the individual, by tailoring sessions to them.

If you are interested in learning more about psychotherapy in Brussels, or Belgium as a whole, please fill in the form below and someone will get back to you very soon.

The key to remember is that if a behaviour reaches the level of an addiction it is negatively impacting the person’s life, perhaps resulting in the loss of employment, friends, family members, savings or even their living accommodations, but the individual is unable to stop the behaviour despite realizing that it is driving the problem.

Treatment for Addiction

With his extensive clinical experience in treating both substance and behavioural addictions Philippe Jacquet is able to create unique, individual and customised recovery treatment plans.

The modes of treatment used will be drawn from the latest in clinic best practices and research to provide clients, and their families, with the tools need for recovery and for moving forward to an addiction free life.

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