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Psychotherapy Workshops Brussels - Philippe Jacquet & Associates

Psychotherapy Workshops Brussels

psychotherapy workshops

One of the many services offered by Philippe Jacquet is trainings for both professional audiences as well as for interested individuals. With years of researching, developing and presenting trainings, workshops, lectures and professional seminars and classes Mr. Jacquet is uniquely positioned to deliver a very engaging and enlightening presentation on a very long list of topics.

Throughout his career Mr. Jacquet has been asked to provide trainings for diverse groups of individuals. In the past he has worked to create highly received and regarded psychotherapy workshops Brussels on eating disorders and addictions. These trainings have evolved over the years to keep up with latest research and best practices as well as to reflect current trends in mental health treatment options.

As Mr. Jacquet expanded his treatment expertise and completed his Master’s programme he began working with an increasing range of mental health issues in some of the most prestigious clinics, adding to his academic knowledge as well as his ability to speak as a practitioner. This combination of real world experience and theoretical information makes his presentations one of a kind.

psychotherapy workshops Brussels art therapy

Mr. Jacquet is a fully accredited psychotherapist and art therapist with a MA in Adult Integrative Art Psychology from the Institute for Arts in Therapy and Education. He also is a member of the British Association of Art Therapists (BAAT) and has provided art therapy lectures, workshops, and trainings throughout the United Kingdom as well as in France.

These trainings provide invaluable insight into the techniques used in art therapy in a way that is allows participants to understand not just the methods but also how they can be applied in practice. Each psychotherapy workshops Brussels or training can be customised to meet the needs of the specific audience and focus in on the specific techniques that will be most beneficial for the participants.

Addictions and Eating Disorders

Mr. Jacquet has amazing personal insight into the challenges of overcoming addictions having battled with food addiction himself when he was a younger person. This insight, followed by years of specialised training and clinical focus on working with patients with all types of addictions, makes him a much sought after presenter.

In London Mr. Jacquet is often asked to speak on the subject of food addiction and addictions in general and has made several appearances on television as well as provided articles for many of the prominent publications in the city as an expert on eating disorders.

He has presented on this and other topics in various mental health settings throughout his career and has been responsible for developing and delivering top quality workshops, trainings and lectures both as a guest presenter as well as an on-site psychotherapist.

Mr. Jacquet provides a range of different psychotherapy workshops Brussels and training in addition to the categories highlighted above. These include but are not limited to:

Training and workshops can be completely customised or developed for any organisation. Mr. Jacquet has presented in Spain, the Sahara Desert, Belgium, London and throughout the United Kingdom, Paris, Monaco and Geneva and has extensive experience in working with international audiences.

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