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Addiction Treatment Nairobi

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It is estimated that there are as many as 240 million people around the world that have an alcohol addiction treatment Nairobi and an additional 15 million using injection drugs. There are over a billion people that smoke and approximately 3.5% of people use marijuana. This information from a recent study published in the June, 2105 journal Addiction.

Addiction is now recognised to include many other issues besides drugs and alcohol. An addiction can be any behaviour that causes a negative impact in your life and, despite attempts to curb or control the behaviour, it continues. Today, addictions can include unhealthy and negative behaviours around food, sex, texting, gambling or shopping.

This inability to simply stop a behaviour is not about a lack of willpower or personal strength and commitment. Rather, it occurs because of real changes in both the internal message we send to ourselves as well as changes in the brain.

Addiction Treatment Nairobi : The Past Does Matter

It is essential to have professional assistance to not just control the addiction treatment Nairobi, but to change the mental component of the addiction. Many people who abuse alcohol, drugs, food or sex or those with addictions to gambling, being online or shopping have depression, anxiety or unresolved issues with trauma.

These issues may have been present for years, with the use of alcohol, drugs or other activities used as a coping mechanism. For these individuals, psychotherapy through Philippe Jacquet & Associates can uncover those hidden issues, allowing the client to develop a healthier, positive coping mechanism moving forward through recovery.

Addiction Treatment Nairobi Considerations

Through online or in-person counselling or psychotherapy sessions, the qualified professionals at Philippe Jacquet & Associates will develop a unique addiction treatment Nairobi plan based on the needs of each individual client.

The treatment plan will be holistic, which means it will address the needs of the whole person, not just focus on the addiction treatment Nairobi. This comprehensive and complete treatment perspective allows our staff to incorporate a wide range of therapeutic treatment options to address the concerns and the issues that are personal to each individual we work with.

Treatment length will depend on several factors. Often, people find that once in therapy learning about themselves and addressing issues that may have been blocked or simply suppressed for years provides a new outlook on life and motivates them on their path to recovery.

All of the services offered by Philippe Jacquet & Associates are completely private and confidential. We can arrange services through a staff member coming to our practice in Nairobi, or we can offer services through Skype, allowing you to participate in sessions from the comfort of your own home or office.

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