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Workshops And Training for other psychotherapists and mental health professionals.

Workshops And Training

workshops and training

In addition to managing international practices and providing direct client psychotherapy, counselling and coaching, Philippe Jacquet also provides professional workshops and training for other psychotherapists and mental health professionals.

These workshops and training sessions can be completed in person or online, with both options allowing for the opportunity for participants to interact with Mr. Jacquet and the other facilitators in a meaningful and personal way.


Trainings are often conducted online, however, two times per year Mr. Jacquet will be traveling to Nairobi to provide professional training for organisations and professional groups.

These trainings will focus on the most effective treatment options and best practices for psychotherapists, therapists and counsellors working with clients with addictions and trauma as well as other relevant mental health training.

The goal of the training is to present the latest in research and information on treatment methods, as well as to incorporate practical skills into treatment. With Mr. Jacquet’s emphasis on creating treatment plans for each patient, attendees will gain essential skills in responding to the individual patient and selecting treatment options that are most suitable.

Trainings, as with workshops, can be completed online as well. Some of the online trainings will be short webinar types of sessions with a very specific topic that is covered in a few hours. Other online training will be designed to be more comprehensive and go deeper into the specifics of the diagnosis or the treatment options to consider.


The workshops offered by Philippe Jacquet & Associates will be held twice a year in Nairobi. They will offer participants the opportunity to interact with the trainer and to take part in various exercises and activities throughout the session.

The goal of the workshops will be to focus in an a particular area of practice. This may include family counselling and family constellation work, trauma, eating disorders, addictions or art therapy.

All of the workshops will be very interactive, providing the professionals attending with information as well as a practical aspect to the training. The workshops will integrate different therapeutic techniques including art therapy, body work and a holistic approach to client treatment that is extremely effective in personalising treatment plans to the unique needs of the individual.

Mr. Jacquet has provided professional workshops in both the United Kingdom as well as in Europe in the areas of eating disorders, alcohol and drug addiction and art therapy. He has also focused his workshops and professional training on integrative art psychotherapy and relapse prevention.

In the past, Mr. Jacquet has lectured in Belgium, London, Geneva, Monaco and Paris. He has also been published in London Macadam, France in London and Ici Londres.

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