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Eating Disorder Treatment Nairobi, Complex Nature- Philippe Jacquet & Associates

Eating Disorder Treatment Nairobi

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Eating disorders are very challenging for both clients as well as their families. Eating disorders often have concurrent physical health issues, some which can be very serious and life-threatening.

Psychotherapy and counselling through Philippe Jacquet & Associates can be completed either by Skype, allowing clients to have their sessions in the comfort of their own home or location of their choice, or through our in-person treatment options.

We provide bespoke treatment programmes, which means that our staff works with each client to develop a customised and individualised eating disorder treatment Nairobi plan. We do not use one size fits all treatment, which allows us to respond to our clients by incorporating the most effective treatment options.

General Information About Eating Disorder Treatment Nairobi

Eating disorders can be defined by three main diagnosis possibilities, but there are many variations and not all people with eating disorders have the same symptoms. In addition, it is possible to have an eating disorder treatment Nairobi that is not specific to one diagnosis and these NOS or none otherwise specified. NOS is one of the most common diagnoses with eating disorders.

The three recognised and specific eating disorders include:

The key is to understand that these behaviours are not just about eating. They are all triggered by underlying mental health issues often associated with low self-esteem, depression, anxiety, abuse or trauma.

Eating Disorder Treatment Nairobi at Philippe Jacquet & Associates

Philippe Jacquet has a unique understanding of eating disorder Treatment Nairobi. As a teenager, he overcame an eating disorder, which provides him with true compassion and caring in treating each of the clients he sees.

Looking at the whole person to provide a holistic approach to treatment, clients will receive therapy to help explore the underlying issues with the behaviour and to develop a healthy relationship with food moving forward with life.

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