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Bereavement Counselling in Bermondsey

One of the most difficult emotional and psychological events in life is coping with a loss. This may be the loss of a loved one, loss of a pet, loss of a friendship or relationship, or even the loss of a dream or a life goal. When these types of issues happen, grief, bereavement, and mourning are normal effective and appropriate responses to the event. Sometimes, however, the grief or bereavement becomes overwhelming and progressively more significant with time, leading to the risk of developing depression or a condition known as complicated grief disorder or CGD.


Complicated grief disorder is similar to being stuck in a permanent and endless grieving process. It is as if the individual is unable to let go of the death but continues to focus on the loss and the death in a way that is negative, self-destructive and ultimately emotionally devastating.


The Signs of Grief


Our bereavement counsellors at the Bermondsey Office in the City are able to assist individuals in working through their loss and in developing healthy, positive coping mechanisms for moving forward in their life. This includes holding cherished memories of the loved one or the cause of the sense of loss in a way that is not destructive or damaging but rather positive and comforting.


People that come into our Bermondsey Office to meet with our bereavement counsellors often are experiencing an extremes sense of loss or grief. These individuals typically report signs of complicated grief such as:


           Constant thoughts about the loved one that impact the ability to work, focus, concentrate, and enjoy life

           Intense feelings of loss, depression, sadness, and sorrow that have lasted for weeks and months, after the loss, and are not decreasing with time

           Feelings of lack of meaning in life or failing to find a reason to keep on living, working, and experiencing the world around them

           Overwhelming anger at the individual, the illness, or the situation that may transfer to other people and situations

           The need to isolate themselves from others

           Denial of the death or feelings that the loved one is still alive


There may also be other issues that have developed since the passing or loss. Many of the patients that come for bereavement counselling in the city at the Bermondsey Office may be having difficulties with sleeping, dramatic changes in relationships with their family and friends, increased use of alcohol or drugs, increased physical illnesses, and body aches and pains.


The Treatment


At the Bermondsey Office in the city, we don't use a one-size-fits-all approach to our bereavement counselling. Rather, you will meet with a therapist, and together, you will work to create a unique and tailored counselling programme that will meet your unique needs. Bereavement counselling will include a range of different techniques and methods that are created to match your treatment plan and your comfort level throughout the therapeutic counselling sessions.



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