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anorexia treatment harley

Navigating the complexities of anorexia can be an overwhelming journey for relatives as they endeavor to communicate the severity of health risks associated with the condition to their affected family member. Adolescents and young adults, mainly women, are bombarded with societal cues insinuating that slenderness equates to acceptance, success, and allure.

Yet for individuals grappling with anorexia be they young or mature the struggle extends beyond a desire for societal approval. They are caught in a distorted perception of their own image that blinds them to their true selves. In some distressing cases, individuals with anorexia may reject nourishment completely, dangerously trying to sustain themselves on just water to shed even more weight. These extreme situations often necessitate intensive medical interventions, such as hospital stays, the insertion of feeding tubes, and vigilant oversight to thwart further decline, especially if the eating disorder’s psychological roots are not being sufficiently addressed.

For those seeking comprehensive care, Philippe Jacquet & Associates provides specialized treatment for anorexia Bermondsey, offering a beacon of hope to those in the throes of this mental health challenge.

Getting To The Heart Of The Matter

Psychotherapy is the central component to treatment for anorexia Bermondsey Office. Skilled psychotherapists that are trained and experienced in working with patients with eating disorders will work closely with the patient to help uncover the unhealthy body image causes and teach new, healthier and positive coping mechanisms.

Often people with anorexia have undiagnosed and concurrent mental health disorders. This can include depression, anxiety, personality disorders and difficulties associated with past physical, emotional or sexual abuse. Addressing these issues as well as treating anorexia through psychotherapy is the only way to prevent the eating disorder from taking control again once the individual is under stress or has completed her course of treatment.

Long Term Changes

Treatment for anorexia Bermondsey Office is available for both the patient and the family. Often family members have, perhaps without realising, reinforced the negative images of self that the patient holds. In some cases the family may feel helpless and may focus on weight and food, which only increases the pressure and stress for the patient.

We are here to provide education, support and counselling as needed. We understand that anorexia treatment takes time, but the research clearly shows that psychotherapy, combined with education, nutritional counselling and medical support, is the most effective long term treatment plan for those with anorexia.

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