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Bermondsey alcoholism counselling Take The First Step To Recovery - Philippe Jacquet & Associates

Bermondsey Alcoholism counselling take the first step to recovery

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There are many myths about Bermondsey alcoholism counselling circulating in the general public, and, unfortunately, those misunderstandings often cause people to avoid treatment. At Philippe Jacquet & Associates, our confidential and private alcohol counselling provides a discreet, effective and highly recognised method of supporting those in recovery to lead clean and sober lives. One myth we often hear is that all programs are based on group meetings and the 12-Step Programme. At Philippe Jacquet & Associates, we provide personalised and confidential on-one-one alcohol counselling for our clients on a schedule to work with their busy lifestyle. We use the methods are that are the best suited to each client, providing the most complete treatment possible which is unique to every patient. Many of our clients are professionals in the financial industry, business and community leaders, public figures and those in the spotlight. We understand how important privacy, confidentiality and discreet services are, and these are all hallmarks of our practice.

Our Bermondsey alcoholism counselling methods

We provide Bermondsey alcoholism counselling, not inpatient treatment, so professionals can continue to work and to live at home. As we are located in the Tibetan Buddhist Meditation Centre for World Peace & Health, our clients are able to come and go to appointments in complete comfort that their destination cannot be determined by which door they walk through.

Our methods, which we describe as a holistic, integrated approach consider all aspects of the person. Our counsellors will meet with you to discuss your concerns, address any questions you may have about the process, and develop a treatment plan that is unique to your needs.

We do not use one method to work with our clients; instead our internationally trained and recognised counsellors use approaches and treatment options from the best practices for alcohol recovery. We work with our clients to create a comfortable, supportive and non-judgemental environment where they can learn new coping skills, understand the triggers for alcohol use, and make the positive changes in their life they desire.

What our clients experience

Through working with our Bermondsey alcoholism counselling, our clients in Bermondsey and surrounding areas will find true support in making the changes they desire. They will learn the facts about addiction, and that there are chemical and psychological changes during alcoholism which impact the individual in ways beyond just having a drinking problem.

Through our supported therapeutic work, our clients build skills and make lifestyle changes to allow them to continue to lead a sober life. We will assist you in developing a support network and identifying key people in life to assist you in achieving your personal goals in recovery.

Our staff will also help each client to understand the cause of the addiction to alcohol. In most cases, this can be related to stress in high profile jobs, challenges in relationships, depression, anxiety, or even issues with unresolved grief or trauma.

It is possible to recover from alcoholism. Through our internationally recognised, confidential, and unique alcohol counselling services we can assist you to make the changes you want to live a happier, sober life.

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