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Your First Psychotherapy Session at Bermondsey Office

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There are many reasons why it may be a bit intimidating to attend your first psychotherapy session at Bermondsey. However, by preparing yourself in advance and understanding how this is all about you and your goals that stress and anxiety can quickly disappear. Keep in mind that you will be working with a professionally trained and fully certified psychotherapist that is there to help you along each step of your treatment path.

All about you

The first thing that anyone attending their first psychotherapy appointment needs to understand is that the therapist is not there to make any judgements about you as a person. They are there as a support person that will work with you on the goals that you set to achieve the outcomes that you desire. Often people come to therapy because something is not right in their life. It may not be a specific issue such as a phobia about flying or the inability to have a meaningful relationship; rather it may be less easily defined problem in their life. Perhaps they are not able to feel the joy they once did or perhaps they have always felt a significant lack of confidence in themselves.

Building a psychotherapy session at Bermondsey

During your first session you will have the opportunity to get to know your therapist and he or she will have the opportunity to get to know about you. This is usually done in the form of an interview, but it is much less formal than that sounds. It often is much more like a friendly conversation about your background, the reasons that you are coming to psychotherapy session at Bermondsey and perhaps any past therapy you have attended.

In addition the therapists will ask you to tell about what you want to change in your life. This includes discussing the discomfort or problem you are facing, as well as setting goals for your treatment through the process. You will be a part of the planning process and the changes that will be developed in the plan will be what you want to accomplish with the help of the therapist. 


One of the amazing benefits of psychotherapy session at Bermondsey is that you will learn, through talking and exercises that you do with the therapist, how to achieve the changes that you desire. The therapist will provide ideas and opportunities to practice new skills, techniques and behaviours, and you will have the ability to do all this in a confidential, private setting.

You may also find that the therapist recommends group sessions or even different types of therapies to help you to achieve your goals. Taking advantage of as many of the therapeutic options as possible provides you with more ideas and opportunities to create the change you want. A psychotherapy session at the Bermondsey Office can be scheduled at your convenience and around your busy day. Most people will benefit from once or twice a week sessions to help them resolve the issues that they are facing and in achieving their personal goals.

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