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Changing your life for The better overeating counselling Bermondsey

If you are one of the millions of people that struggle with eating disorders, including compulsive overeating counselling Bermondsey, our counsellors at the Bermondsey Office can provide you with the help, support and education that you need to make healthy, positive changes in your life.

It is important for anyone considering overeating counselling bermondsey to understand that overeating is a coping mechanism that has been developed over time. Sometimes you may see compulsive or chronic overeating described as a food addiction and in many ways this is a very accurate depiction of the condition. Like all addictions overeating impacts your life in very negative and devastating ways.

Treatment for overeating counselling Bermondsey

In the process of going through overeating counselling Bermondsey Office, you will learn about yourself and why food has become your way to cope with stress, anxiety, disappointment, and even feelings of inadequacy, guilt, and depression. This is done through a range of different therapeutic techniques and methods that are developed to suit your unique treatment plan.

Treatment through counselling will provide you with the opportunity to explore the reasons why food has become an unhealthy part of your life. It will also help you to develop healthier, more positive and appropriate ways to deal with challenges and stress. Often counselling will reveal patterns of behaviour around food that include a history of using food as a reward or mindless eating where dealing with boredom has come to include eating just to fill in the time.

Why other treatments fail

People that overeat chronically often try diets and initially have success. However, those types of restrictive diets are not sustainable long term. After losing the weight the person feels better about themselves initially, but the underlying self-esteem issues, depression, anxiety and stressors are still there. When these things occur next in the life of the individual the person naturally reverts back to their old overeating coping mechanism, resulting in rapid weight gain.

With this weight gain comes a host of other negative emotions. Feelings of failure, guilt, shame, self-loathing and often depression are commonly found in people with a history of overeating disorders. Unless these root causes, the origins of the food addiction, are addressed meaningful and long term change cannot occur.

Come in to the Bermondsey Office or contact us by email or telephone if you have any questions about overeating counselling Bermondsey. It is the only way to make sustainable changes in your life that will help you stay physically and mentally health for life.

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