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Psychotherapist Colchester Jungian Analysis - Philippe Jacquet & Associates

Psychotherapist Colchester Jungian Analysis

Colchester Jungian analyst

There are many different reasons individuals seek analysis and the support of a psychotherapist. A psychotherapist psychotherapist Colchester jungian analysis  will then consider the client as well as the most effective method of working with the individual to help to create the positive growth and development desired.

At Philippe Jacquet & Associates, the years of experience and expertise of Philippe Jacquet allows for a truly bespoke approach to working with clients of all ages. Through the use of psychotherapy and analysis, challenges, concerns and issues can be identified, explored and changed to allow for the personal growth desired by the client.

Analysis and psychotherapy are effective options for people of all ages. This includes children and teens that may be experiencing challenges in their life as well as adults through seniors.

When To Consider psychotherapist Colchester jungian analysis

There are many different people who will benefit from  psychotherapist Colchester jungian analysis as part of their treatment plan. Often, people have generalised feelings of unhappiness or dissatisfaction in their lives that may not be easy to pinpoint to one particular issue, challenge or problem.

In some cases, life issues may suddenly create changes in the world that become a challenge. The death of a loved one, a traumatic experience or perhaps even an unwelcome change in life such as the loss of a job or a health issue may suddenly trigger deep and uncontrollable feelings of grief, uncertainty or lack of self-esteem that can be addressed through analysis.

Individuals that are dealing with depression, anxiety, suicidal thoughts, challenges in relating to others, addictions, eating disorders or problems in dealing with partners in relationships may also find analysis and psychotherapy extremely helpful. Choose your best psychotherapist Colchester jungian analysis.

What Is Analysis ?

Understanding the origins of a negative thought or behaviour is a key part of psychotherapy, but having the ability to explore it completely is at the heart of analysis. It goes beyond the surface issues that are the triggers to help individuals in therapy to get a far greater understanding of themselves.

In other words, through the use of transactional psychotherapist Colchester jungian analysis, the client is able to understand why he or she is doing the negative or problematic behaviours. By understanding at this deep level, there is a comprehension developed that is sustainable and not just a coping mechanism that is substituted in for the negative behaviour of the past.

Moving Forward through Transitions

With analysis, Philippe Jacquet works with clients from where they are at in the early sessions through to more understanding positions in life that are healthy and balanced.

Think of this as moving from a negative, loathing of self and others position to an ability to accept yourself, see your positives and also see the positives in others. It is only in this final transition that grow and sustained change is possible, which is why simply learning a coping mechanism often fails to address long-term change in life.

The expertise and international experience of Philippe Jacquet allows clients to explore the benefits of analysis and psychotherapy in a secure, emotionally safe and highly confidential environment. Clients will see a difference in their own mental health and well-being as well as their ability to relate to those around them. Philippe Jacquet your specialist psychotherapist Colchester jungian analysis.

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