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Therapist Colchester


Many professions require specific types of ongoing education, training and professional development as part of the requirements to maintain a license or a certification. In the mental health field, this is not a one-time event at a conference or a workshop, rather it is an ongoing dialogue and exchange between two professionals.

Philippe Jacquet, with his extensive clinical experience and his international recognition as a fully accredited psychotherapist, counsellor, therapist Colchester and expert on holistic treatment is able to provide supervision for colleagues throughout the United Kingdom as well as abroad. With several offices in London as well as practices in Belgium, Spain and Nairobi, and extensive work providing various trainings and services to professionals and clients across Europe, Mr. Jacquet is uniquely positioned to provide supervision.

In addition, as part of his professional growth, Mr. Jacquet also participates with another psychotherapist in his own supervision. This provides support and inquiry into best practices and options in working with patients, continuing to enhance professional development and honing expertise in the psychotherapy and counselling fields. Philippe Jacquet, specialist therapist Colchester.

Therapist Colchester benefits to clients

While supervision is a confidential meeting between two professionals, it provides an additional level of expertise and experience for the client. As the therapist talks to his or her supervisor, keeping the client’s information confidential at all times, questions are asked by the supervisor to help the therapist Colchester to more clearly focus his or her treatment plan to suit the unique client.

This ability for the therapist to get feedback on treatment decisions and choices enhances treatment for the client while maintaining full privacy. It is almost like a private consultation where therapists are able to evaluate their own practices and to be guided and mentored to continual professional growth.

Benefits to Therapist Colchester

Typically, a therapist Colchester chooses a supervisor based on that individual’s professional areas of expertise and training. At the same time, the supervisor will also be in a similar role with another professional in the field.

In this way, therapist Cochester and counsellors participating in this type of programme will be both a supervisor as well as a counsellor or therapist working in the supervisory role at some point in their career.

In some situations, a supervisor may be requested to address a specific challenge a therapist or counsellor may be experiencing. This may be with regards to a specific challenge a client is experiencing or as a way to gain insight into how to most effectively provide treatment to a client that may not be responding to the current treatment plan.

With Philippe Jacquet’s expertise and experience in the treatment of addictions, including food, gambling, alcohol, sex and drug addictions as well as his specialization in the treatment of eating disorders, he is able to act in a supervisory role for others in the field. His experience in the Art Therapy field, which includes providing trainings for professionals and the community, is also an area of expertise that allows those under his supervision to gain information and practical advice in utilizing this therapeutic approach with a variety of clients of all ages.

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