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Help With Addiction Counselling Colchester

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Get help with  your addictions, as a highly respected and recognised expert on addiction counselling colchester treatment, Philipp Jacquet works with clients of all ages to treat the cause of addiction and to develop healthy, effective coping mechanisms and strategies for living a life of recovery.

Addictions come in many forms. While most people think of addiction as a chemical dependency, such as a drug or alcohol addiction, there are other addictions as well. The definition of addiction in mental health treatment has expanded to include any type of repetitive, compulsive behaviour that ultimately has a negative impact on the individual.

Research into addiction, the scientific ability to monitor the activity of the brain of those addicted to different substances including drugs, alcohol, gambling and sex, show that the same areas of the brain become active when the substance or behaviour is in the body or is being used.

Changing a behaviour or simply stopping the use of a substance may address the physical issue of the addiction, but it doesn’t create the opportunity for healing and recovery. Recovery and healing starts with recognising and understand the triggers for the addiction, the underlying causes that drive the behaviours.

Often, individuals with addictions to alcohol, drugs, gambling, sex, food or even with working, physical fitness, weight loss or any number of other issues have depression, anxiety and stress as the root cause of the addiction. Unless those issues are treated, recovery is not possible. There is also a very high risk that the addict will relapse or turn from one form of addiction to another.

What Addiction Is Not

With increasing understanding of the chemistry and the cognitive and emotional triggers of addiction, therapists are able to work with clients of all ages to understand the addiction counsellling colchester and change the thought process that is fuelling the obsessive behaviours and negative choices.

It is also important for those with an addiction to understand that addiction is not a permanent condition and it is possible to learn the coping mechanisms and strategies to move forward in life and live an addiction free life.

In several cases, people with addictions have been told they lack self-control or willpower. Research shows that willpower and self-control have very little to do with addiction Counselling Colchester, rather it is a combination of factors, often stemming back to unresolved trauma, stress and even depression in the individual’s life.

Addiction counselling Colchester

By going back and examining where thoughts about self and others developed, people can begin to frame things in a new light. They can see options and make choices rather than relying on the addiction as a way to escape from those negative emotions. In learning, new ways to cope with stress and new responses to past trauma, clients will change their thoughts and behaviours in a very positive way.

Through talk therapy, art therapy and a holistic approach to treatment, the professionals at Philippe Jacquet & Associates are able to create unique treatment programmes for each client. With this personalised approach to treatment, each client will have input into his or her own recovery, building empowerment and self-direction into the therapy in a positive way the addict may not have experienced during the addiction.

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