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Stress Councelling Colchester - Philippe Jacquet & Associates

Stress Counselling Colchester

stress counselling

Stress is something that is an everyday discussion for most people in the United Kingdom as well as around the world. This is even more pronounced as everyone is plugged in and online, constantly viewing news, opinions and events that can seem like a never-ending tidal wave of negative information.

Then, there is also the stress of daily life. Everyone feels the need to do more with less, to perform to the highest possible standard and to follow all the latest trends, fashions and demands of society. For many people, financial stress, worries about relationships, health issues or even how to simply get through the day adds to the level of stress and distress in life. Philippe Jacquet specialist stress counselling Colchester.

Coping With Stress Counselling Colchester

The reality is that it is not stress that is the problem, it is the way that people are able to cope that is the issue. Individuals with highly effective responses to stress are able to process stress counselling Colchester in a way that has minimal negative impacts on their physical and mental state. However, a sudden spike in stressful events can easily create problems even for these individuals.

For those with highly stressful careers and lives, even a small amount of additional stress can prove to be a tipping point. Chronic stress is more challenging to deal with than acute stress that is very short in duration.

The ways that an individual is able to cope with acute or chronic stress is often a product of their upbringing. Children that grew up in chaotic and dysfunction homes without stability and parent role models providing love, support and guidance typically have less ability to manage stress as adults. They also are individuals who have experienced chronic stress through the family, which is another factor to consider.

Stress can also occur internally when someone constantly strives to be perfect at all they do. This is also a factor of the family where parents demanded perfection or the child felt the expectation was to be perfect. This may have extended to providing a “perfect” picture to the outside world while covering up the discord in the home.

Learning A New Way of Dealing With Stress Counselling Colchester

At Philippe Jacquet & Associates, clients can learn to let go of those issues and recognise their unhealthy and unrealistic thoughts that are driving stress levels up in their life.

Through stress counselling Colchester or therapy, Philippe Jacquet can work with individuals to understand the negative self-messages that are contributing to stress and blocking the ability to problem-solve and resolve the issues.

Turning around these internal messages can be done through a variety of integrated approaches to treatment. Clients and therapists work together to understand the individual stress triggers and the unhealthy and unproductive reactions that are occurring.

Then, through therapeutic exercises and talk, the client will develop effective strategies he or she can use when those stress triggers occur. These often include changing the mental messages and adjusting the expectation of self. It may mean learning to let go of the need to be perfect and in celebrating creative solutions that address the stressful issues.

Many individuals will also find relaxation techniques, yoga, breathing, meditation and mindfulness training to be highly effective as part of the holistic treatment plan available through Philippe Jacquet & Associates.

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